Il Volo: Elegant Sleepwear For Women

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Il Volo is a brand based in Romania that specializes in luxury silk and lace lingerie and nightwear. Their primary mission is to empower women and make her embrace her feminine energy. Moreover, they use only the finest fabrics (natural silk) from Italy and France. Made of natural silk, the camisoles and nightdresses help the body maintain a comfortable temperature by retaining heat in cold weather or controlling moisture on a hot day or night.

Next, it is hypoallergenic, being a wonderful choice for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones. Its long and smooth fibers do not irritate the skin. It also acts as a safety shield against dust mites and other microscopic foreign bodies that may trigger allergies. Silk truly is the best sleeping companion! Il Volo is also also a sustainable, producing in small and increments, so there’s not much waste, and practice inclusivity.


The first nightdress we feature here is this ultra sexy and elegant Rosa long nightdress. It is of a vibrant fuschia shade and made of 100% pure Italian silk. Furthermore, blooms of ivory Caudry lace contrasts the bright color and enhances the décolletage and visually elongate the silhouette. Tailored in a flattering bias cut, it drapes loosely over your frame, while the slim adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit. I can imagine one wearing this for a very romantic evening in your honeymoon with your newly-wed husband, and he sure will not forget it!


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The second lingerie we have here is this simple and chic Alba mini slip dress. It is made of 100% ivory Italian silk adorned with black Chantilly lace, giving it a very good contrast. Furthermore, it gives the female form a flattering fit, emphasizing the hourglass shape, quite modest but very timeless, this nightgown versatile and is a perfect add on to your collection.

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The third and last lingerie we have here is this flirty and sophisticated Azul mini slip dress. It is of a light color blue and white lace. Similar to the Alba nightdress, this nightgown is made of 100% Italian silk adorned with Caudry lace. Additionally it has adjustable straps and a female fitting form so you can be sure to look absolutely divine and sexy!

And there you have it! 3 of Il Volo’s sexy, gorgeous and classy styles that will surely make anyone’s jaw drop when they see you wear it. Also, supporting sustainable and inclusive brands will never go out of style. What are you waiting for? Shop at Il Volo now. To check out one of Beverly Hill’s best Lingerie collections, click here.

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