How Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You

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How will a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You #personalinjury #personalinjurylawyer #injuryclaim #legalconsultation #lega aid #caraccident #produc injuryclaim #lawsuit #druginjuries #lawyer #attorney #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

In the past, an injury or accident might have left you wondering if you should have received any damages for the physical and mental trauma that you suffered. A personal injury lawyer could have helped you find the answer. (Image Credit: Melinda Gimpel/Unsplash)

The broad field of personal injury law finds its anchor in cases of physical, emotional, and mental abuse or victimization. But is scope easily includes a multitude of day-to-day accidents. Let’s take an informative look at a few of the situations where the legal counsel of a specialized law firm could prove vital in the near or distant future.

Medical Malpractice

It’s a sad reality but a significant margin of hospital staff finds themselves underprepared to treat patients. Some even display malicious intent. As such, the list of common medical malpractice scenarios is endless. They include such issues as inaccurate medication, severe or fatal surgical injuries, or improper use of anesthesia, among many others.

These types of personal injury lawsuits tend to be the easiest to prove. The evidence usually stands in overwhelming favor of the injured party.

Drug Injuries

Any pill that causes unwanted side effects or has mislabeling through manufacturer negligence can cause unnecessary injuries. This includes not only pharmaceuticals but also supplements. In the case of pharmaceuticals, medication is attentively and consistently regulated by the FDA. And in most cases, pills or substances with overwhelming evidence of hurtful behavior immediately undergo a request for removal. A stark example of this is the Zantac-Ranitidine situation.

When it comes to dietary supplements, things get a little more complicated. While the FDA also regulates their market practices, they are not seen as concrete medication. And as such, their branding is easily manipulated.

Legal counsel is therefore essential in a case of supplement-resulted injury.

Product Liability

Similar to drug injuries, this type of personal injury claim is also based on a manufacturer promising something to the Product liability has similarities with drug injuries cases. These claims are based on manufacturer’s promises failing to meet the customer’s expectations. The main difference between the two is that product liability does not need to be medical in nature. This includes anything that, through its regular, unaltered usage, puts the consumer in physical or emotional danger.

A well-known and relevant example of product liability injury is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 case. Here, the phone’s manufacturing process caused its battery to combust unexpectedly. This resulted in a recall and subsequent discontinuation of the product.

Car Accidents

An unfortunately common global occurrence, car accidents are a staple case of personal injury. In these cases, a debate will undoubtedly exists as to who or what is to blame for the injuries. And more often than not, legal assistance is the only way to figure out the true culprit.

Car accidents are varied in nature. There can be cases of a direct frontal collision with another car, the vehicle could be rolled over because of unsafe terrain, or the lack of road signs could lead to the driver committing to severely risky driving manoeuvers without their own knowledge.

Regardless of the nature of the accident, legal consultation and advice will almost always be a necessity in a situation of this nature.

Worker’s Compensation

An unsafe work environment can cause strain on the human body. While the concept might initially make us think solely of industries that require the use of heavy machinery or radioactive materials, worker’s compensation claims also apply to office jobs.

A common injury that results from working in an office is carpal tunnel syndrome. An eight-hour work shift places incredible stress on wrists and hand cartilages. As such, a significant potion of American office workers develop carpal tunnel syndrome during their career.

Their employers should have considered that risk. Consequently, they should be held accountable with a worker’s compensation claim.

Conclusive Thoughts

Through this brief analysis of the field of personal injury law, you have hopefully walked away with a much greater understanding of the world of injuries, accidents, and what the best practices are in order to deal with their occurrence in our daily lives.

At the end of the day, a personal injury legal representative will always provide all the necessary tools and aid in your fight to claim justice for the pain that you have suffered.

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