How To Wear A Casually Chic Style

Casually Chic Summer Style. BUY NOW!!! #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashion #style #shopping
Casually Chic Summer Style. BUY NOW!!! #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashion #style #shopping

Looking beautiful for every occasion isn’t always easy, especially when you need to balance between looking good and appropriate for the occasion. Sure, you can go with that little black dress style that accentuates your best parts perfectly, but wearing a black dress to a casual get-together isn’t something you want to do to be fashionable.

Casual looks are often more difficult to pull off perfectly, but that must not stop you from looking casually chic. With some simple tweaks and the right fashion items in your arsenal, you too can look chic and gorgeous when out with friends.

Add Layers

One of the secrets to pulling off the casual chic look is adding layers. You can combine a simple T-shirt with a semi-formal or a casual blazer or jacket. Make sure you stick with complimentary colors and that you match the tops with a suitable pair of pants or a comfortable skirt.

You don’t have to look far for trendy jackets that are easy to pair with other tops. The off-white hoodie, for example, works really well when paired with a comfortable t-shirt or tank top.

My personal favorite is the white gradient zip-up hoodie from Off-White, available as part of the brand’s catalogue on Ssense. The piece isn’t only neutral and easy to match with other fashion pieces, but also incredibly comfortable when worn for the entire day.

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Keep It Simple

Another big secret to pulling off the casual chic look is simplicity. You want to stick with natural (and neutral) colors. More importantly, you want to keep the entire look manageable by limiting the number of colors you add to it.

Simplicity should also be your guiding principle when choosing fashion pieces and accessories. You can still rock prints and patterns as well as accessories to complete the look, but you want to avoid pieces that are over the top. After all, the goal here is to look understated.

One last thing to remember about keeping it simple: less is often more. Instead of adding multiple flashy accessories to the look, you can achieve so much more with simpler leather bracelets or other accessories that complement the neutral colors you wear.

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Saint Laurent T-Shirt. BUY NOW!!!

Stick with Comfort    

Looking fashionably chic when wearing casual style requires you to feel comfortable about yourself and what you are wearing. Comfort is a big part of the casual chic look, so always make sure the fashion pieces you wear make you feel as comfortable as you can be.

When choosing a pair of jeans to match with your new white T-shirt, for instance, you want to find a pair that fits the shape of your body nicely. The jeans need to be supportive, but not too firm and tight that you feel uncomfortable in warm temperatures.

The same can be said for the tops you wear. Since you are wearing layers, wear a comfortable first layer and you are all set. You can always take off your jacket or hoodie if you get too hot, and vice versa.

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Cute Skirts

Looking chic lets you explore your girly side more than usual. Don’t be afraid to bring out the cute and beautiful side of you by mixing gorgeous fashion pieces that really show off the best of you personally. One of the best investments you can make is in several skirts you really love.

Similar to other casual pieces, finding skirts that are easy to match is easier than you think. Outlets and online retailers like have a lot of options for you to choose from. Before hitting the checkout button, however, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, stick with timeless pieces. While trendy patterns and seasonal colors are great for certain looks, timeless pieces give you the most flexibility in creating different looks for different occasions. A simple A line skirt in a neutral color is easy to wear with anything from white tees to button-up shirts.

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Don’t Forget the Shoes

The shoes you wear can make or break the look you’re trying to rock entirely. As you are busy trying to find the perfect casual chic combination, don’t forget to choose a suitable pair of shoes for the outfit.

Wearing a pair of sneakers with jeans and layered tops is great. The sneakers will actually complete the look and give off that chic and young vibe. Wearing the same pair with a button-up shirt and a short skirt, on the other hand, isn’t the best idea.

In the latter case, you want a pair of black or brown boots, or gorgeous high heels that match the rest of the outfit. Looking casually chic is all about finding balance and matching the right fashion pieces. The tips we covered in this article will help you do just that.


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