How To Take The Perfect Selfie

How To Take The Perfect Selfie
How To Take The Perfect Selfie

If you’ve ever looked at your driver’s license in horror recoiled upon coming face to face with a candid snap of yourself on Facebook, you’re far from alone. No matter how well presented and attractive we are, many people find it difficult to take teh perfect selfie. We look goofy, washed-out and less than our best, despite our best efforts. But, you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some of the best secrets to make sure you take good selfie after the next. Thank goodness there are awesome filters out there too to enhance our natural beauty of course! 🙂

Perfect Your Smile

Most people smile in most photos, which means perfecting our smiles is a must. So, brush and floss daily, look into dental implants at and find the perfect lipstick if you want to increase your photogenic level right now.

How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Go Full Coverage

When it comes to makeup and photos, full-coverage is your best friend.

You can find a list of the best full-coverage foundations at Pick one out, and you won’t have to worry about breakouts or looking washed out when the camera flashes, again.

Bolden the Brows

Darkening your eyebrows is a great way to frame your face and give you a more high definition look that will improve your appearance on camera.

How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Wear Slim Fitting Clothes

It’s unfortunate, but wearing baggy, billowing tops and skirts can make you look bigger on camera. If you want to look slender, sleek and attractive, you’re much better off wearing form-fitting outfits that streamline your silhouette.

Hands on Hips

Have you ever wondered why every picture on your hot Facebook friend’s profile has her standing with her hand on her hip? It’s because it makes her look more toned. If you want to look fitter in photos, therefore, all you have to do is put your arm on your hip and position your elbow perpendicular to your body. Trust me, it works.

Head Forward

Another great way to make yourself look slimmer in photos is to tilt your head forward. When your head is slightly in front of your body, it minimizes it, and you look slighter as a result. Just don’t stick your neck out too far or you’ll look ridiculous.

How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Find Your Good Side

Most people really do have a good side. If you can find yours, try to get it on camera, and you’ll always look great. Find out how to locate your good side at if you’re finding it difficult to see which way is best.

Try a Slight Squint

A slight squint, which looks like you’re using your eyes to smile is a great way to look good. If you don’t know what I mean, check out Tyra Banks – she often does this, and she looks fantastic.

Loosen Up

When someone whips out a camera, many of us naturally freeze up. This can lead to us looking like awkward robots in snaps. Instead, lighten up, loosen up and strike a pose if you want to be at your most photogenic.

Do you look great in every photo you take? What’s your secret?

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