How to Stay Safe This Summer In #MeToo Era

For many people, the #MeToo moment, the Harvey Weinstein allegations, and the Bill Cosby verdict has been a surprise but, for others, it’s only a reminder of something that’s taken place over decades–but hasn’t been talked about.

The reality was confirmed recently when the sobering results from a study compiled by a recent national Quinnipiac Poll stating that 60 percent of women have been sexually harassed, with 69 percent  of that number saying they experienced it at work. That poll also indicated that 20 percent of men have been sexually harassed.

In addition, 64 percent said they know someone who experienced  harassment, while 30 percent said they know someone who did the harrassing.

Some men are having AHA moments, such as the man who wondered on Medium about his silence when witnessing sexual harassment or the well-known case of the man on a New York City subway who got into a physical altercation with another man who was harassing a woman.  Others are choosing to join the “men going their own way” movement, afraid that even the act if asking a woman out could be perceived as harassment.

Personal Safety in the #MeToo Era: How to Stay Safe This #Summer #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #love #life #shop #safety



Yes, and it isn’t just employment law.  Explains James Johnson, founder and head attorney of Johnson Attorneys Group.  “It can swivel into hostile workplace cases and, in many cases there can be compensatory damages, including medical, pain and anguish; loss of wages and benefits (including future losses) and even even be punitive damages.”

Circling back to that Quinnipiac Poll, 43 percent of those polled said sexual harassment took place on streets, while 45 percent said it took place right in their own home.

“The National Sexual Violence Resource Center, predicts that one in five women are victims.  That’s pretty terrifying numbers and, although the societal issue, such as the ‘boys will be boys’ attitude, these devices can help women take some control of their safety–as an attorney I’ll always say “prevention is better than treatment.”

He continued: “It’s always important, but especially in summer because that’s when many are out past dark, possibly jogging to beat the daytime heat or walking to their destinations, etc.These are some of the best personal safety items, but they they can keep elderly, joggers, commuters who often travel alone, or someone with health issues safe as well.

Personal Safety in the #MeToo Era: How to Stay Safe This #Summer #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #love #life #shop #safety


The personal safety devices are all discreet and can be disguised as jewelry or even nail polish:

  • Safelet Safety Bracelet.  This is an app that you download and use to connect to the bracelet. The Safelet owners invites people to become Guardians and, when in danger, sounds an alarm.  The guardians can see the location and listen to the sound recording. Approximately $34.95 to $79.95.
  • Siren Song: A small keychain device, developed by a team of engineers, that comes with an LED light. When activated, siren song can deter attackers and, since it can be heard from a distance, it can alert others when you’re in trouble.  “These devices can also help keep kids safe,” added Johnson
  • Athena: A black silicone pendant the size of a half dollar, Athena can be pinned to a purse, clothing or worn as a necklace. Use this one of two ways Either hold the recessed button at the center  for three seconds to trigger a loud alarm or press it three times in quick succession to send a silent alert if you’re suspicious of being targeted.
  • Revolar: This is a personal panic button, a wearable device that clips onto keys or  pants’ pocket. It works with Wi-Fi or cellular data, and while travelling, users use a single click to let their contacts know they’ve arrived safely, two clicks for unsafe, or three if in eminent danger. There’s also a free app version where  users can send themselves a phone call to pretend they’re on a call to escape an uncomfortable situation in a pinch.

Personal Safety in the #MeToo Era: How to Stay Safe This #Summer #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #love #life #shop #safetyNOW FOR THE KIDDOES

For kids, personal safety really centers more around outdoor accidents, especially those involving the pool.

“Sadly, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that every day at least ten kids die from pool drownings, and most of them are under the age of 14,” said Johnson.

  • Safety Turtle: This alarm comes with  a wristband with key, base, USB cord, and power adapter. Put the wristband on your child ald lock it (the child can’t remove it). The turtle sensor is always on, so as soon as it gets wet, the alarm will sound at the base. They’re also available for pets.  About, $148.99.
  • PoolGuard Safety Buoy Alarm. Safety with a sense of humor. A bright  red, safety cone pool alarm comes with a remote receiver that works up to 200 feet away so you can hear the alarm from anywhere. This type is called a “surface wave sensor,” because it goes off when water is when someone or something gets into your inground or above-ground pool such as a Coleman. About $156.62
  • My Buddy Tag With Silicone Wristband: This personal alarm can work for both children and adults, because of the sleek design. This wrist alarm secures with a coin screw, features a panic button, and will alert you via app if the wristband travels beyond your proximity.

These are all just smatterings of what’s available to help you stay safe, both at home and in the workplace. Add these devices to your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, to ensure everyone in your family has a safe summer.

Jacqueline Maddison
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