How to Select the Best Nursery Gliders

You’re expecting your baby soon, and you’re super excited about all the stages of growth you’ll watch him go through. Beautiful! But if you must consider the first and most crucial point where you get to spend time with your baby, you must think of breastfeeding. And no mother wants to suffer any form of discomfort while breastfeeding because it is something you’ll do for long periods. (Image Credit: Peakpx)

Just like rocking chairs, nursery gliders are unique chairs designed to make breastfeeding as effortless and exciting as possible. While setting up your baby’s nursery, there are some features you’ll want to consider before choosing a gliding seat for breastfeeding. Look at this site for some interesting information.

1. Comfort

For your good, comfort is something you’d want to put first when selecting a nursery glider. You wouldn’t want to nurse backache after long hours breastfeeding, would you? So, while choosing a nursery glider, ensure it has features that give you maximum comfort while you breastfeed.

Your nursery glider should include a cushioned armrest to support your baby’s weight, lumbar support to preserve your spine, and a softly cushioned but firm seat.  A footrest could also be an added comfort, especially when your feet cannot balance on the floor properly.

You also do not want a nursery glider with a seat that engulfs you when you breastfeed. You do not wish to have your baby wake up while you’re trying to get out of the chair!. Getting a fussy newborn to sleep after 2 hours of breastfeeding isn’t an easy task.

A full seat padded with a dense foam or spring would also allow you more room for greater comfort.

2. Easy to Clean

An easy-to-clean nursery glider would ease you so much stress. So you have to ensure that the fabric and material of construction are not going to give you a hard time during cleaning. A machine-washable woven fabric would be perfect so you can spend time with your baby while the washing machine does its job.

A dark-colored fabric that matches the design of your nursery would also make a lot of sense as it would conceal stains better than light-colored ones. You don’t want a glider with seat fabrics that you have to wash all the time.

3. Safety

Babies are very delicate and fragile, so you’ll want to purchase a glider that wouldn’t put your safety and that of your baby at stake during use.

First of all, stay away from gliders with uncovered hardware or sharp unpadded points and edges. Also, choosing a glider with a lock mechanism guarantees your safety because it won’t shift. At the same time, you breastfeed or cradle your sleepy child.

4. Durability

Durability is another feature you should rather not omit when selecting a nursery glider. We all know you won’t breastfeed forever, but you’ll definitely want a nursery glider that would last long. Also, because of the relatively high prices of gliders, you may want to consider using one glider for more than one child.

From its fabric to its material of construction, you want a glider that can stand the test of time. The fabric should be able to support your weight and that of your baby – even as he grows – without damage. Its joints should also be stable and noiseless during movements.

A warranty is one way to ascertain the durability of a glider. So ensure your choice glider comes with a reasonable warranty, else you may find yourself spending unnecessarily.

5. Extra Features

It won’t be a bad idea if your nursery glider has features other than the standard glider features. A recliner and an adjustable footrest could also make breastfeeding pleasurable for you. But you need to be cautious about the recliner, you don’t want to get too comfortable and fall asleep while cuddling a sleeping infant.

Some gliders (though quite expensive) come with USB ports where you can charge your phones. So if you have a baby who likes to spend the long night sucking, you won’t have to disturb him when you want to use your device. However, you have to be careful about how long your phones are around your baby. His fragile system cannot withstand the amount of radiation coming from phones.

6. Your Taste

While comfort should be chosen over taste, it is also crucial that you like the nursery glider you get to select. You really do want a glider you can use at the balcony, in the view of neighbors and friends, without looking out of place.


As a bonus point, you’ll want to first sit on the gliding chair in the store before making payment for it. Ensure its features works fine with your height and satisfy what you want out of a nursery glider. Here’s a list of nursery gliders you can start from..

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