How To Protect Your Five Senses

How To Protect Your Five Senses
How To Protect Your Five Senses

There has been a lot of press attention again recently about heart disease most commonly caused by a lack of activity. In fairness, most of us are trying that little bit harder to increase the levels of activity and exercise in our busy lifestyles. But there are some other health considerations we should be thinking about each day too. We perceive our world through the five senses of the body. Do you work just as hard to protect those as you do to protect your heart?


The eyes are so delicate and sensitive to the environment. They’re also quite delicate on the inside too. Reading glasses can make the world of difference to your comfort when you’re checking your latest posts or feeds on a tiny phone screen. It’s important you’re taking extra care of your vision as you get older too. And yes, you can exercise your eyeballs! Gentle movements in each direction just once a day can keep things in check. Don’t forget to keep those regular eye doctor appointments!


Something as simple as the common cold can impair your sense of smell. You feel stuffy, and it can make it hard to breathe. But did you know that allergies and colds can lead to inflammation and infection that may affect your sense of smell? Try to stick to natural remedies when you can, but speak to your doctor if you have excessive pain inside your nose. The sense of smell is important for eating, as well as enjoying fresh scents like flowers.


Thousands of people have some form of hearing impairment. It can happen at any age and is quite common as we reach our senior years. Hearing damage, illness, and genetic conditions can also result in hearing loss. Hearing aids can bring the world back to you. Of course, if they are damaged or broken it’s important to fix your hearing aids so you can continue to do the things you love most. If you can’t make out the words your friends are saying to you or fully participate in conversations at work, you might feel quite isolated. Protect your hearing every day by staying away from sources of loud noise.


Trapped nerves can make it very difficult to fully interpret what you are touching. While this might simply feel weird because you can’t judge the sensation of a texture, it can also be dangerous. If you can’t tell that something is excessively cold or hot, you could easily damage your skin. Trapped ulnar nerves can occur if you type all day. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can also be caused by repetitive or stressed actions in the hands. And if your posture at your desk is bad, you might suffer severe pain from a trapped nerve in the neck! Take plenty of breaks, whatever your job, to take care of your nerves.


Poor oral hygiene can cause changes to the sense of taste. Dehydration is another cause. Taste is important for enjoying the food we eat. Aging can affect the perception of taste as can some medications. If you are concerned, speak to your doctor. Take care of all your senses.



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