How to Prepare Your Yard for a Perfect Summer

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While summer might seem like it’s a long way off, it’s never too early to start dreaming about lazy summer weekends spent lounging in the backyard or by the pool. If you can’t wait for warmer weather to get here, this to-do list will help you get your home ready for the perfect summer.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Properly Balanced

If there’s one thing about summer that everyone can agree on, it’s that there’s nothing more fashionable than an afternoon by the pool. But if your pool’s chemical levels are out of balance, you might have a tough time actually enjoying it without complications. Balanced pool water increases the effectiveness of chlorine, after all, which helps keep algae and other microorganisms at bay so your pool is safe to swim in. If you’re unfamiliar with the appropriate pH balance, you should look for a level of 7.4 to 7.6 when you test your pool’s water. Any number higher or lower than that range means you need to have your chemicals adjusted. Another way to tell if your poo is unbalanced is to simply look at it. Does it look cloudy or green? If the answer is yes, then you need to have those chemicals adjusted right away. In addition, make sure you’re cleaning out your pool filter and regularly skimming the surface of your pool for debris. This will help keep your pool clean and ready for recreational use.

Give Your House a Fresh Coat of Paint

When you’re lounging in your backyard and enjoying the summer sun, the last thing you want is the looming shadow of your house’s faded paint to haunt you in the background. Prepping your home for the perfect summer means creating the perfect summer aesthetic. And that means you need a fresh coat of paint. It might be about time for new paint anyway. It’s typically recommended that you give exterior stucco a fresh coat of paint every five years or so. If you have colored vinyl siding on your house, you may just need a good power wash to remove any dirt and grime that have accumulated. When the exterior of your home looks bright and new, it’s easier to want to spend time in your yard. You might even find that you’re more motivated to update your backyard entertaining space when your house is looking its best. If one element looks amazing, you’re more likely to want to update other elements to match that level of style.

Get Your Patio in Order

What’s summer without a beautiful patio to sit on and enjoy the weather? If outdoor living is what you’re after when warmer weather rolls around, then you’re going to want a picture-perfect patio to do it on. Most concrete structures can last for about 100 years, but that doesn’t mean cracks can’t form. So if you’re dealing with a concrete patio, now is the time to patch up all of those cracks and crevices. For wood patios or decks, you’ll want to reseal everything as soon as possible to make sure there’s no chance of water damage. Once you’ve resolved all of your structural and weather protection issues, it’s time to create the perfect setup for summer lounging. Patio furniture should be as weather-resistant as possible, but it should also be comfortable. If you have a set of metal chairs, outfit them with new cushions to increase the comfort factor. After furniture, building a kitchen outside is as important. You’ll need to sort out your grilling situation and make sure your backyard firepit is clean and ready for marshmallows. Once all that’s taken care of, you should be ready for all the memorable summer nights in the world.

Summer might seem far away, but planning for the perfect outdoor getaway in your own backyard can help the time pass a little more quickly. Don’t forget these steps on your summer prep to-do list!

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