How to Politely Tell Someone They’ve Been Drinking Too Much

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People who cannot stop drinking alcohol should always try to moderate their habit. This is especially important now that alcohol dependence is generally high. Alcohol is one of the leading risks for premature mortality and disability, accompanied by health issues, strained relationships, and impaired judgment. Therefore, people with alcohol addicts in their lives are likely to be concerned about how this habit will affect their lives and the lives of people with a substance use disorder. They must address this issue before it gets out of hand. However, some individuals do not know how to address the issue without worsening it. This article will highlight ways people can politely tell their loved ones they have been drinking too much.

Walk a Mile

It is easy for those who have never been addicted to alcoholism to judge the people with an addiction. Some believe that people with an addiction have chosen to live that life. What they do not understand is that addiction is caused by a change in the way the brain functions, and the people living this life have little control of the situation. That is why, before judging, addicts need to walk in their shoes. They can then recommend medical detox in orange county to help the addict recover from the disease. This journey will encourage substance abusers to live healthier lives and will also be a lesson for their loved ones to learn more about alcoholism and what it entails.

Plan in Advance

People get hurt when they see someone they care about wasting away due to alcoholism. While they might be tempted to say something during such times, it is always better to wait and plan the conversation. It is prudent to remember that acting out when hurt will likely do more harm since the chances are that the person being addressed on the issue will retaliate. The best way people can help their alcohol-addicted friends is by writing down their feelings about the substance abuse and the ways that it has affected them. They should find a conducive environment to discuss their concerns. The conversation should not be made out of anger; instead, it should come from a place of concern.

Establish Clear Boundaries

While people need to be understanding when addressing alcoholics, they also need to have strict boundaries. If the individual struggling with alcohol is a part of their lives, then it is best to set clear boundaries and communicate openly about their limits. Boundaries are to protect the well-being of the people with alcohol addicts in their lives. In addition, it also reminds the substance user that their behavior is affecting those around them. It can motivate them to change their lives to live harmoniously with their friends and family. However, when communicating the limits, it is important for people not to be too harsh because this might seem like an attack. They need to be loving but firm.

Dealing with alcohol addicts is not easy, and there are times when people feel worn out or too tired to handle the situation. However, no matter how frustrated they feel, they should not let feelings control one’s actions. Instead, they should look for a space to cool off and strategize the best and most polite way to manage the situation. They should also consider using these three essential pointers for the best outcomes.

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