5 Ways to Stop Alcohol Addiction

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It is no secret that alcohol has become one of the most consumed addictive substances. Drinking alcoholic beverages has become an “essential” part of gatherings, coping mechanisms, and even a remedy for anxiety. There is an undeniably significant population who consume alcohol, and addiction to it is nothing new and the struggle to quit it.

Is alcohol a problem?

The quick answer to that is no. Drinking alcohol is never a bad thing–that is if you do not lose control over your intake. Unfortunately, several people tend to forget to drink moderately. Based on an article from Healthline, here are some adverse effects of alcohol that could lead to people needing alcoholic rehabilitation:

  • More prolonged feeling of grogginess, fogginess, and the awful hangover experience afterward.
  • Disrupted sleep and digestion issues
  • Problems with cognitive functions
  • Worsened anxiety and depression

Alcohol is a drink, not a solution to problems. However, if you find yourself needing to stop drinking, here are steps you can follow to restrain yourself from further spiraling down the black hole of alcohol addiction.

The Ways towards Sobriety

Alcohol dependence is one of the easiest addictions to acquire and one of the hardest to get rid of. Most likely, you’ll need the help of other people to get through this, but you would also need to work inwards.

Make a Plan 

First, identify how much alcohol you drink. By doing so, you will gauge how bad your alcohol intake is and if you are already dependent on it. Once you finally know how heavy of a drinker you are, draft a plan or steps that you intend to take to reach sobriety.

Understand your reasons 

Are you drinking because you’re stressed? Heartbroken? Bored? Aside from knowing how much alcohol you consume, you must be aware of why you are inclined to drink. Alcohol is commonly drunk to numb emotions or to temporarily forget some problems. Take note of the word “temporarily”–meaning all those worries are bound to come back, no matter how many bottles you end up finishing.

Do it slowly 

Recovering from alcohol addiction–or any addiction for that matter–does not happen overnight. Take small steps to get over old drinking habits. For example, you can do the moderation management in which you can still drink alcohol, but not as much as you do before. You have to cut back by slowly but surely reducing your alcohol intake and, with strict discipline, be able to tread slowly towards sobriety.

Find support 

Do not be afraid to tell other people that you are stepping back from alcohol. Informing others of your intention to cut back can help you positively. In addition, your family and friends can encourage you to reach your goal, and they can be there to help you mitigate your intake. It is also helpful to find a community with a similar goal because they are more likely to understand what you are going through.

Put everything on reset 

To put it simply, change your environment. It might help if you got rid of the things that remind you of drinking, especially those nasty beer bottles lying around. Getting them out of sight will be refreshing, and you will be less tempted to drink again. 

Also, learn to say “no” as well–turn down those hang out invites that you know will involve drinking. Lastly, find a new favorite drink. Beer certainly is not the best drink in the world; you should take this opportunity to explore non-alcoholic drinks and beverages that will enchant your taste buds.

Sobriety really is a challenging goal to achieve because you need a total reform of habits. However, being firm on your decision to change is a great step forward. Help yourself get over an unhealthy behavior and be a better version of yourself, not only for yourself but also for the people close to you.

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