How to Plan a Unique Wedding

Skip the Cookie-Cutter Wedding and Plan Something Unique!

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A wedding is supposed to be a celebration of the union of two people. And when you’re bringing together two unique people, it makes sense that you’d want to hold a unique wedding ceremony and reception to celebrate. 

Why, then, do so many couples continue to host copy-and-paste “Pinterest weddings” that have already been done hundreds of times?

It’s time to spice things up a bit with something different.

6 Tips for a Unique Wedding

The great thing about a wedding is that it’s all about you and your spouse. It may be the only event in your life where you’re able to command every last detail. Take advantage of this! Don’t feel pressured into doing things because of Pinterest. It’s okay to be unique and different. In fact, it’s encouraged! You’ll be happier and your guests will love it.

Here are some ideas to get your brain thinking creatively. However, remember, you can do whatever you want! Don’t copy these ideas unless you really love them.

  • Choose a Totally Unique Destination

Who says you have to host a wedding in a church or the same cliche farm where three other couples in your wedding party hosted their big days? Why not try something totally fresh and new?

Destination weddings are popular. But you can take your destination wedding to a totally different level by choosing a destination and venue that people have never seen before. For example, try planning a waterfall wedding in Iceland

There’s almost zero chance that any of your guests have attended a wedding in Iceland. Or what about having your wedding at a French chateau? That’s another one of those destinations that you don’t see every day. Your guests will absolutely love it. 

  • Take Song Requests

We’ve all received wedding invitations where you’re asked to choose whether you want fish, steak, or a veggie plate for the seated dinner at the reception. But why not get creative and ask for their input on the song list?

Include a separate RSVP card inside the wedding invitation that asks them to submit their song recommendation for the DJ or band. This will give you a playlist of songs that you know your guests will love. It also removes some of the pressure if you’re planning on creating your own playlist and letting it run. 

  • Give Toasts at the Ceremony

Years ago, there would have been nothing unique about giving a toast at the wedding ceremony. However, today, it’s a little bit of a lost tradition. Toasts are typically given the night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately, this means anyone who isn’t a family member or member of the wedding party doesn’t get to hear the kind words. If you’d like, you can save the toasts for the ceremony when everyone gets to be involved. 

  • Use a Faux Wedding Cake

Yes, you read that correctly – a fake wedding cake. You may not know it, but faux wedding cakes have actually become standard practice in the wedding industry over the past few years. Bakeries will build massive cakes out of styrofoam covered icing (with one small section that’s real) and then keep a sheet cake in the back to serve to guests. This makes it possible to have a gorgeous cake and still serve cake that tastes good to guests. It’s also a lot less expensive!

  • Use a Telephone Guest Book

The wedding guest book is a classic fixture at wedding ceremonies and receptions. But if you want to try something unique, you could opt for a telephone guest book instead. There are companies that allow you to rent physical phones that can be placed at the reception venue. People then pick up the phone and leave a message on a dedicated phone line. These messages get compiled into an audio file that you can keep forever. There’s something really neat about being able to hear someone’s voice years later as they wish you a happy marriage!

  • Plan a Private Last Dance

The first dance is special, but there’s also a lot of pressure associated with it. If you want a slightly more intimate moment at the end of the night, plan a private last dance with your spouse after everyone has left the dance floor to form the farewell line. It’ll be a very special moment for the two of you.

Plan Your Dream Day!

It’s your wedding day – embrace your own unique style and quirkiness. Don’t feel pressured to conform to wedding standards that were invented 100 years ago. Start your own traditions and enjoy the experience. Congratulations and best wishes!

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