How to Pick the Perfect Anniversary Ring

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An anniversary ring is just as important as a wedding ring. In fact, it’s more important because your relationship has grown. All you need now is a guide to help you pick the perfect anniversary ring.

Choosing an Anniversary Ring Style

The first thing you have to consider is the ring style. When it comes to anniversary rings, folks normally choose a ring with more than one stone. The one-stone style is usually reserved for wedding rings.

Since you are trying to get a ring with multiple stones, you can look for lab created diamond rings. You’ll feel good knowing each stone was ethically created, and they’re cost-effective.

The number of stones on an anniversary ring is just one thing you should worry about. You also need to consider how it’s going to be worn.

If your partner intends to replace the wedding ring, then your choices expand. If your partner intends to pair it with the wedding ring, the look has to match.

Identifying the Ring Setting

The ring setting is the next thing you should worry about. While there are a few ring setting styles, there are some common ones, especially for anniversary rings.

The most commonly used setting style is the channel. This anniversary ring is going to have two pieces of metal creating a channel in the ring. The channel is used to hold the chosen stones for the ring. The channel doesn’t only hold the stones but protects them, too. The stones look like they’re floating, too.

There’s also the pave ring setting style. When someone chooses this style, they are hoping to gaze on multiple stones, maybe like a cluster. The effect is a continuous sparkle. The beads or prongs used to keep these stones in place are hardly visible.

The bezel setting style is another thing you can choose. The bezel setting style gives the stones a collar-like structure. The structure elevates the stones and protects them. The look is attention-grabbing, which is probably something you want.

The prong setting has a metal claw holding the stone or stones. Part of the reason people love the prong style is that it helps create more sparkle. This happens because sunlight penetrates this setting style more effectively.

Vintage, Designer, or Custom?

Here’s a big question that has to be answered before you decide on a ring. Vintage rings are great if you want to stick with tried and true styles.

If you know your partner wants the most sought-after designs, then modern designer rings may be the right choice. Those who want something different and unique will have to choose custom rings.

Gemstone for Your Anniversary Year

The reality is that you can choose any stone you want. If you know your partner loves a particular stone, then look for that. If your partner loves diamonds, then anything less will feel like a disappointment.

Still, there are some stones to keep in mind that link to your anniversary year.

The first year is usually associated with gold and no stones, but you can add them if you want. The fifth anniversary is linked to sapphire, while the 10th is associated with diamonds. When you hit 15 years, you can get a ruby, and emerald is the gem for 20 years.

Now, you know how to pick the perfect anniversary ring, thanks to this guide.

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