Dream Cars: Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

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With 50 years of Porsche Design, new car model brands are being unveiled for extreme ride. The Porsche Design commenced in 1972 and celebrating its 50 years anniversary, a wonderful car has been released. It significantly gives you all the maximum comfort.  911 Carrera GTS offers a whole new driving experience. With quality as the hall mark, this car is manufactured to hold the best of excellence. The materials used for both exterior and interior designs make it original. 50 years indication and (Porsche Design) lettered at the back artistically.

911 Porsche Carrera GTS #coolcar #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #carmagazine #porsche

Furthermore, the front headlights have LED technology inside them. The LED taillights however characterize the look of all 911 models. This outstanding feature in brief makes the 911 Carrera GTS noticeable even at night. Ultimately, its glossy car body creates a shiny look.

More On The Outer Part

The wheels are uniquely active and progressive. The 911 shows athletic attributes because it has distinct wheel sizes at the front and rear. Additionally, the 20/21-inch wheel offers more stability and firmness. Still the wheels have a larger diameter on the rear axle which brings utmost comfort.

 On the other hand, door handles are partially recessed into the doors. The handles are slightly integrated into the car’s body.

Interestingly, the cabriolet roof is automatic. It can be opened and closed in approximately 12 seconds with a speed of 31mph.

 Beside all these is a Standard Comfort Access system which enables keyless opening of the car. To open the door, you just have to approach the handle from the side. Or with your hand beneath the crest on the luggage compartment lid. The car unlocks and the door automatically extends. What a wonderful feature?

This truly aids in preventing any excessive exertion of force in opening the doors. It gives you ease and relaxation.


Obviously, the interior of this fast car looks superb. It is made with quality proven materials for its composition.

 In fact, the interior is fitted with leather covering. The seat centers in Sports-Tex with checked pattern in black/cool grey. This car has an analog tachometer positioned in the center of the instrument cluster. Such a placement helps to keep it in driver’s sight always.

 More also, the 911 sport seats are extremely comfortable. They provide support even during dynamic cornering maneuvers. Also present are firmer side bolsters on the seat cushions. This together with backrests increase lateral support. The seats made with durable materials.

In addition, the cockpit has high-resolution displays and touch sensitive buttons with clearly structured functions and content. The vehicle is Sporty, ergonomic, timeless; the cockpit with GT sports steering wheel does it all.

911 Porsche Carrera GTS #coolcar #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #carmagazine #porsche

Talking about technology-oriented driving, 911 Carrera GTS must be spoken of. It has Porsche Communication Management which has an online navigation system. It is your central control for audio, navigation and communication. Altogether offering variety of assistance systems. In either case giving you the best aid for safe driving and accessing of locations easily.

The luggage apartment has a volume of 4.6 cubic feet. This brand offers you classic entertainment features for your enjoyment. Entertainment fittings of this car are clearly of high quality in all standards.

 Interestingly, the sound package gives a very vibrant and lively sound. It has eight loudspeakers with a total output of 150 watts.  Also, it comes with an apple music system. Touch the apple music icon on the touchscreen of the PCM to stream 70 million songs Ad-free. Search playlists and create your radio station with live playing songs. Voice pilot is available for search of restaurants among other places. Tap the PCM screen to begin navigation.


Engines of all 911 models have twin-turbo configuration. The engine mounts near the center of the car ensure greater stability and ensure fewer vibrations. The engines in essence have two turbochargers and charge air cooling. This contributes to increased performance and reduced emissions. The brakes are made for quick responsiveness. 911 Carrera GTS comes with a top speed of 193mph. A maximum power of 473hp. The speed coupled with the design promotes better driving experience.

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