How To Pick A Flattering Dress For Your Body Type 

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Dressing your best is not just about putting on expensive clothing and accessories. The most flattering garments don’t have to be costly. What’s important is getting dressed in your body shape. Anyone who wants to look their best must understand which designs and fabric cuts will complement their figure. When you learn how to pick a flattering dress for your body type, it’ll be easier to choose clothing that fits and looks good on you. 

Identify Your Body Type 

You might think that updating your wardrobe right away is the beginning of finding your style, but you can’t buy clothing without being sure which body type you fall into. Whether you want to wear a satin dress for an evening rendezvous, or a full suit for work, knowing what styles fit your body also makes a good investment. 

First, carefully examine your curves and focus on how your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips connect. Keep in mind that the following body types describe the shapes of adult women with fully developed bodies. Measure and note the sizes of your bust, shoulders, waist, and hip in inches, or centimeters, depending on your comfortable use. The dimensions of these areas will help you determine which shape you have so you can find clothing that fits your curves. 

Discover The Different Body Shapes 

The following are the most common body types and their descriptions. You can decide where your body shape falls under using the sizes you took earlier.  

  • Apple-shaped: These are curvy bodies with a less defined waist. 
  • Hourglass: This refers to bodies with a balanced ratio of shoulders and hips that defines the waist. 
  • Pear-shaped: Your body falls into this category if your hips are wider than your shoulders. 
  • Inverted Triangle: Contrary to the peat shape, the shoulders are broader than the hips for those with this body shape. 
  • Rectangular: It is so-called because these body types have a straight, well-balanced torso like a rectangle. 

How To Dress The Apple Shape 

If you have the classic apple body type, you will look divine in flowy tunics, V-neck tops and dresses, laidback boyfriend-style button-up tops, and A-line silhouettes. These styles not only look good on torsos with less defined waists, but they’re also comfortable. You can apply these tips not only for choosing clothing but also when choosing shapewear

Strapless and sleeveless tops are definitely for those who love to show off their shoulders and arms. Don’t worry if you prefer to cover up. You can wear a fitted sleeve to draw attention away from the midsection and hips. If you need more structure, any fabric that will streamline the look from the bust down to the hips will do. You can do it with lines, silk, thick cotton, and gabardine.  

Styles For The Hourglass Shape 

Those with the hourglass body type must naturally dress to balance their proportions. The eye must focus on either the upper or lower body, but both. You must first invest in a good brassier to help shape your bust. The clothing must also show off your silhouette by choosing simple and clean cuts of garments. To draw attention away from the hips, stay away from loud and bold enhancements that will call attention to the shoulders or hips alone. Avoid boxy, shapeless, loose, and straight cuts that will hide the waist.  

The Best Cust For The Pear Shapes 

To start off these styling tips for pear-shaped ladies, you must have four kinds of tops in your wardrobe. These are the cowl-neck, peplum, boat-neck, and square-neck.  

Cowl-necks have a draped fabric that adds volume to the upper body away from the hips. Peplum tops define the waist, and the sleeves add volume to the top half of your torso. The boat-necked blouse has a horizontal neckline that widens the shoulders. And square necks show off the collarbone and help draw the eye away from the lower body.  

Bottoms that will look great for this body type are bootcut, high-waisted, flat-front, and high-waisted. These pants have flattering fits that balance the silhouette or offer an elongated appearance.

Balancing The Inverted Triangle Type 

Those with the inverted triangle body frame are top-heavy because of the wider upper portion of their torsos. Like the pear shape, the goal is to balance the body’s upper and bottom areas. So, choose clothes that add curves and volume to render the lower area wider for the eyes. Creating a defined waist will give the illusion of a wider waistline. Keep the shoulder area softened by using lightweight or flowy fabrics. 

Avoid shoulder pads, necklines that are too broad, bold patterns, horizontal stripes on the upper body, and extensive accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and scarves. These draw attention more to the upper body than the lower area.  

Add Shape To The Lean Rectangular Type 

When you have a balanced proportion, you’d want to create the illusion of shape and choose cuts that help define the waist. You can select a belt that you might want to top on a shirt or dress. Experiment with different styles to create your curves. You will also want to avoid shapeless clothing. Instead, go for cuts that enhance the top or the bottom areas, but not both. Lastly, play with colors and choose ones that will improve the look of your upper or lower body.  


Once you’re aware of your body type and how to dress it, create a style that’s solely yours without the need to follow fashion trends. All you need is to feel and look good in your clothes. Today’s fashion choices are broader than before because many are learning and embracing inclusivity. Fashion is for everyone. You need to take some time to learn more about your body and the options available to you.

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