How to Navigate the Diamond Market

Avoid Scams and Unethical Pract
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These days, there are many scammers in the diamond market as there are in other markets. Thus said, there are various ways to navigate this market to avoid those unsavoury people. The following are tips on navigating the diamond industry to get an authentic engagement ring for that special someone or to ensure genuine diamonds for any occasion.

1) Checking the Certification

If the diamond does not come from a renowned third-party geological institute, it is likely fake. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS) are the only legitimate third-party geological institutes.

Many unsavoury sellers love to profit off of customers’ ignorance. They will pass off synthetic or imitation diamonds as authentic diamonds. Also, many sellers don’t desire to grade their diamonds for authenticity because they know their products are low quality and unsellable.

2) The Seller’s Credibility

It’s also imperative to check the merchant’s credentials to ensure the business is reputable and trustworthy. Credible sellers take great pride in their diamonds, and GIA or AGS backs them. They also have outstanding reviews from their customers.

Rare Carat meets all these credentials and more. This business has a high 4.9 out of 5 rating reviews in Google Business Profile and Trustpilot. Their diamonds are also GIA-certified.

This industry leader takes great pride in their products that they offer free GIA-certified checks and viable information, as shown here at

3) Watching out for Illegitimate Certifications

Other sellers using unethical business practices may have certifications from unknown sources. They may claim that these sources are legitimate, they have an excellent reputation, and so forth. They may also say these sources are as legit as AGS or GIA.

With these sellers’ insatiable greed, they would use whatever tactic to persuade customers by using gross misrepresentations and misleading customers to buy. These slick-talking salespersons will use whatever jargon and flowery words that may sound tremendously convincing.

However, a trusted certificate only comes from AGS or GIA. They are the only proven authorities that test the purity of the 4C’s, which include the color, carat, clarity, and cut of a diamond. And from there, they can determine any and all imperfections.

4) Pricing Scams

Another slick trick that scammers use is pricing scams. What they would do is inflate the price of the so-called diamond. Then, they would offer a deal that is too good to be true for this jewelry when the product may be worth some or a lot lower than the so-called offer.

For instance, these types of jewelers may sell an engagement ring that they claim is $20,000 for only $ 3000. They may even go as far as to have permanent signages, stating “Everything Must Go. Sale 50-75% off”.

Some stores may have a retail price of 200-300% diamond markup. Then, they use gimmicky sales or a marketing pitch to slash costs. And as a result, customers who are unaware become excited, not knowing they were conned.

5) Baiting and Switching Tactics

The bait and switch are one of the oldest tricks out there. This tactic goes as follows: a customer would order a diamond. After paying for the order, the seller informs the customer that the diamond is unavailable, but they can order a similar diamond that is more expensive.

The customer may not want to purchase the other diamond and can’t get a refund. Instead, the store would offer them a store credit. This type of situation happens a lot. Otherwise, the customer may go with the more expensive diamond that may be fake.

Credible sellers won’t play such games. They are genuine about their diamonds and business transactions with you. For example, suppose they don’t have a specific type of diamond that a customer wants. In that case, they will offer the customer another similar item that is just as legit or offer a refund. There’ll be no tricks.

Rare Carat is the One to Turn To

Customers are always in great hands with Rare Carat. Located in Southfield, Michigan, Rare Carat has provided nothing but the best in diamonds for several years. As previously stated, GIA backs this industry leader. Customers are all abuzz about their awesome products and exceptional customer service. Additionally, Rare Carat has competitive pricing.

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