How To Make Your Next Concert Extra Memorable

How To Make Your Next Concert Extra Memorable
How To Make Your Next Concert Extra Memorable

In your younger years, you might’ve gotten standing room concert tickets specifically because you wanted to get a spot in the mosh pits. There were likely concerts that you showed up to without tickets hoping that you could find someone selling tickets in the parking lot. It is now much easier to find ticket sales for concerts and live events, whether you want to pick them up at the call window or choose rush home delivery. What you should focus on is seating arrangements at the venue where you want to see your favorite live acts perform.

Choosing a Great Venue

Some musicians appear in town for multiple dates and regularly perform at several different venues. There are arenas that offer stadium seating, standing room and even sky boxes. At regular concert venues, there are usually balconies, bar seats and multiple rows of seats right in front of the stage. Some of the more well-known venues can sell out of tickets in minutes, so you have to be ready to choose your seats as soon as an upcoming event is announced. Try to opt for event venues that you know you will be comfortable in for a few hours so that you have an excellent concert experience.

Understanding Venue Seating Charts

After you have visited a concert venue at least once, you will become moderately familiar with the seating arrangements. On the other hand, looking at a seating chart on a website without other visual references can make it hard for you to select the best seats. Always pay attention to where the main stage is and try to picture yourself sitting in whatever seats available. The closer you get to the stage, the louder it will be, while seats that are located near the emergency exits might make it a bit more difficult to see what’s happening on the stage. Buy enough tickets with seats that are close together so that you and your group can enjoy the concert together.

How To Make Your Next Concert Extra Memorable

Coat Check, Refreshments and Bathroom Locations

Most concerts go on for hours and in the mean time you will likely want snacks, drinks and need to use the facilities. You don’t want to miss your favorite act because it took you 20 minutes to get to and from the bathroom or got lost trying to find your seats on the way back from the bar. Make a note of the distance between your seats and the concession areas so that all of your mid concert trips are quick. Additionally, you might want to find out what the concert venue’s coat check procedures are in advance so you know whether to bring in your jacket and purse or leave them out in your car. Think of the distance between the parking area and the concert venue as well.

When you start getting ready to go to a concert, all you can feel is excitement not knowing exactly what to expect. The anticipation of waiting to see your favorite musical acts is exhilarating, so you don’t want to be let down. Get your concert tickets well in advance so the only thing left to plan is what you’re going to wear.

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