How To Make Sleepwear Look High Fashion

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Your sleepwear contributes to your general bedtime ambiance. Whether you want to look sophisticated, sexy, or sweet, you can experiment with your sleepwear to attain the appearance and feel you desire. 

How about high fashion sleepwear? High fashion sleepwear is elegant, classic, and comfortable, which can set your mood to a more positive note. Whatever your bedtime ritual is, boost it by embracing this theme of sleepwear. So, make your sleepwear high fashion by following the tips below. 

Look High Fashion With Silk Fabric Sleepwear

Silk is luxurious. There’s no doubt about that. Royalties have been so captivated by silk fabric since ancient times. Genuine silk is made by harvesting silkworms to create the fabric material or what is called sericulture.

You can make your sleepwear high fashion by mixing and matching silk sleepwear pieces. For instance, you can mix a sexy silk sleepwear top with your cotton pajama. You’ll find a complete set of silk sleepwear in the market, such as a silk pajama set for a uniform look.

Silk is popular for the following:

  • Beauty: Silk has a gorgeous drape, perfect for high fashion sleepwear.
  • Texture: Silk is smooth and soft to touch with a flattering sheen. Hence, it brings a luxurious appeal.
  • Strength and Durability: Silk is made of strong natural fibers, which are usually combined with other fibers, like cotton, making clothing sturdier.
  • Elasticity: Because silk is flexible, it’s perfect for creating garments like any design of sleepwear. 
  • Absorbency: Silk is extremely absorbent. It handles moisture during sleep, which prevents sweaty sleep. 

Redesign Your Old Beautiful Nighties 

Improve your beauty sleep by wearing free-flowing sleepwear, such as silk nighties. They’re available in different materials, colors, and styles to match your mood. 

A nightgown, nightdress, or nighties is a type of loosely hanging sleep robe that can be made from cotton, satin, nylon, or silk. If you have old nighties in your closet, you can upgrade them to look more sophisticated, such as the following: 

  • Add Embellishment: You can make your nightie sleepwear look high fashion by decorating it with lace or embroidery at the hem and bust. Also, you can sew other embellishments, such as Swarovski crystals.
  • Cut and Design: For long nightgowns, grab a pair of scissors and add a split on the side or cut to lower the neckline for a sexier and more elegant look. 

Design Your Nightie-Robe Combo 

Sleep robes are usually worn if you need to go outside your bedroom, to protect your body from the night’s cold and for your privacy as well. If you have unexpected visitors or need to attend to an emergency, grabbing your robe is your best option. But of course, you want to make sure that you still look presentable by making your nightie-robe combo stunning.

Upgrade your nightie-robe combo by adding embellishments to your robe, such as the following:

  • Crystals: Glue rhinestones or Swarovski crystals onto your robe and nightie. You simply need to apply strong glue on the back of rhinestones and hold it down to attach them to the fabric. You can purchase glue applicable for fabric in textile stores. 
  • Beads: Pearl beads are popularly used as luxury beads for clothing. You can attach pearl beads to your robes by threading a thin needle through the pearls. Make sure to double knot the thread’s back end and then push the needle through the robe or nightie fabric, closest to one side of the bead. Secure the pearl in place with a final knot.
  • Embroidery: Do you have a knack for embroidery? Or do you want to learn the craft? It’s a good idea to embroider a design in your sleepwear to attain unique and high fashion sleepwear. You’ll need embroidery needles, markers, frames, threads, and scissors. For a beginner, you can start with a basic embroidery pattern and design.

Redesign Your Kimono 

Do you have an old kimono dress? Why not make it into sleepwear? A kimono pertains to a traditional Japanese robe with elaborated details, such as hand-dyed silk. Hence, you can make high fashion sleepwear out of this Japanese-inspired clothing. You can upgrade your kimono to comfortable, beautiful, and high fashion sleepwear by adding or removing embellishments.


High fashion sleepwear looks and feels luxurious. It means that you feel high-end, comfortable, and beautiful wearing your sleepwear. Follow the tips above and you’ll never go wrong in achieving the looks that you desire. It’s highly recommended to include fashionable sleep gowns in your bedtime regimen. You can embroider and add some embellishments, like crystals and beads. Regardless of your choice, consider your comfort for more enjoyable and restful sleep.

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