How To Attain Perfect Negotiation Skills

Beverly Hills Magazine How To Attain Perfect Negotiation Skills
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Negotiation is an essential tool in the corporate world that helps you achieve all your business and professional goals. Whether you are an employee, boss, or intern of any corporate organization, you must already be well-versed with the importance of competent negotiation skills. Good negotiation skills are more like knowing how to hit the bull’s eye – when you understand how to, you are mostly on point with your deals, and closing them favorably becomes second nature.

Whether it is about closing the next big business deal, finalizing the cost with a client or vendor, negotiating the salary package with your employer or employee, everyone needs to have a mental guide for the best negotiation practices. 

Here is an easy guide to help you strategize, achieve, and exercise the skill to perfection.

Prepare, Prepare &  Prepare: 

Just like a student does his homework before his next class, you, too, should start with preparing yourself. In the world of negotiation, preparation is touted as the key. There are a few factors to consider before starting with your preparation.

Start by setting some goals. These goals must include everything you desire to achieve from the negotiation. Also, try to figure out the other party’s intent. Consider the points such as trades, alternatives, relationships that you have with your clients. Outline the expected outcomes. After considering all these points, prepare a fair solution.  

Think About and Select your Negotiation Strategy: 

Negotiation strategies are not restricted to one single pattern. You are free to choose from the different approaches available and exercise them according to your convenience. Experts recommend that it is essential to vary your negotiation style to suit your subject. Thus, do not stick to only one negotiation style. Try experimenting with it after deciphering the nature of your clients when you are in the preparation phase.

You can find the answers to the questions like what you are trying to achieve from a particular negotiation style? How important is a total success in the meeting? How willing are you to make compromises? and so forth.

Execute Mindfully: 

Once you have found out the answers to the questions stated above, it’s time to execute. You can start with keeping your end goals firmly in your mind. You can start the conversation by first laying out the reason you have met for this conversation and then build from there. Monitor the expressions and body language of the other party to get a real-time assessment of how they are feeling about what you are saying.

Negotiation is often an emotional process. You can, therefore, also research conflict resolution strategies while preparing for it. This strategy may help you remain stress-free throughout the process.

An important aspect of being mindful is listening. Balance how much you speak vs. how much you listen. This is a great way of showing respect to the other person with respect. Many experts advise listening first and speaking later. 

Additionally, always separate the person from the problem. Stick firmly to the facts and try to explore options together to find a benefitting solution. Building a strong relationship with your clients will help you go a long way in terms of delivering your negotiation strategies smoothly.  


The concept of negotiation includes two or more individuals finding a sound solution to any shared problem. Successful negotiation always fares well by controlling the process and landing with the results satisfying both parties. This involves getting what you want but also sacrificing some of it for their gain. 

The idea of negotiation is not restricted to big decisions. Even the smaller aspects of your business project may demand some sort of negotiation. Whatever be the requirement, developing a suitable negotiation strategy and keeping the above points in mind will ensure a great success track. 

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