How to Get Legal Help for Domestic Assault Case

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Domestic assault is very real and most partners don’t bring it up until it is too much. It is the problem that needs to be addressed so that people can get to know their legal rights. In Canada, Section 265 and 266 of Canadian Criminal Code states that it is not distinct from normal assault charges. However, the domestic assault trials are different as they involve two people who are or had been in some sort of relationship. Under the Canadian law, parties do not have to be married to qualify for a domestic assault case. A Domestic assault lawyer in Toronto can take your case if the parties are not labeled as they can be girlfriend and boyfriend, a same-sex couple, or a couple that has since ended their relationship, but domestic assault happened.

If you are victim, you should get your priorities straight and seek help from a  lawyer. It is wise to work with somebody who has prior experience. They will be able to know the truth and even if someone is falsely claiming. By taking the case to court, you might have to end your relationship with the other party, get a divorce, child custody and some sort of financial settlement. Things can get intense in the court and so many of the victims don’t come forward because they don’t have the financial means to fight a legal battle. But if you need money to cover medical expenses, filing a lawsuit would be a good option. If you want a temporary solution, a restraining order will do just fine.

If things are reverted and you are the one who is been accused in a domestic assault case, you need to take things seriously and get help from a lawyer or a legal firm. Having accused of domestic assault is a criminal tag on your record and it won’t go well for your reputation. So, you should fight hard, you can contact a sexual discrimination attorney kansas city.  If your case ends up in a Family Court for child custody or any other matter, this domestic assault charge is going to take you down.

If you are being accused, hire the local domestic assault lawyer and leave the defense to the lawyer. They will make the whole scenario of what led to the assault. If there is no proof of domestic assault, there is a possibility that you would be released on bail.  If you follow the lawyer’s instructions, you might have less penalty and the possible consequences of a Criminal Record could include the following:

  • Indictment, which has a 5-year maximum prison sentence.
  • Summary conviction in which the accusers have to do a 6-month custodial sentence or some fine.
  • Restrictive probation conditions
  • Limited travel ability
  • House arrest
  • Compromised employment, volunteer opportunities, and education

The expert will gather evidence aimed at casting doubt on whether you committed the crime on the day in question or not. Toronto sexual assault lawyers & domestic assault lawyers, are fully capable of handling such cases. So, don’t wait for the bail to end and hire them immediately.


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