How To Get Chic Celebrity Style

How To Get Chic Celebrity Style
How To Get Chic Celebrity Style

Ask any fashion-lover, and they will tell you that they are insanely jealous of celebrities and their fabulous style. Not only because of their glitzy and glamorous lifestyle, but also because of all the beautiful clothes they get to wear and the access they have to designer shops on Rodeo Dr in Beverly Hills. Now we don’t want to encourage jealousy, but instead offer you some helpful tips so you can dress like a celebrity and look just as good as Kendall Jenner when she steps onto the red carpet.

In a heartbeat, most of us would swap our dull, dreary normal-person wardrobes for a celebrity fashion alternative. However, thanks to the high costs that come with dressing like a celebrity, we’re left wearing regular clothes. Okay, so they might be fashionable, but they’re not high-end runways designs, are they?

While you may not be able to splash out on lots of designer outfits, what you can do is learn to dress like a celebrity. To achieve the high-end, classy look, designer clothes aren’t actually, a necessity. Next time you’re shopping, take note of the tips below, and you can ensure that you always look as stylish as a celeb. (Image by

Don’t break the bank

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that to dress like a celebrity you need to break the bank. Going out and buying clothing that you can’t afford might be every girl’s dream, but it’s a recipe for financial disaster.

Believe it or not, you can easily dress like a celebrity without breaking the bank, you just need to focus on how you dress. Instead of on where your clothes are from.

Add style with statement accessories

One of the best ways to give yourself that stylish celebrity look is by using accessories to jazz up your outfits. Check out Buzz South Africa and have a browse of the types of things that most celebrities wear, and you’ll see that the key to their looks is accessories. Team a simple outfit with a statement piece, and you can give your look a celebrity overhaul. Be choosy about your accessories – stick to pieces that are chic and simple, but also standout. Moderation is key when it comes to statement accessories. So make sure to have no more than two standout pieces on at one time.

Perfect the monochromatic look

If there is one look that says celebrity, it has to be the monochromatic look. There is nothing chicer and more stylish than dressing all in one hue, especially when that is black. As many celebrities have demonstrated, when it comes to being picture perfect, a monochrome look is ideal. The best thing about it is that dressing in monochrome is perfect for almost any occasion.

To add a little extra style to your look, you can always team your one-hued outfit with a simple accessory. Perhaps a pair of ankle boots with colored features or a belt with gold embellishments on it?

Treat yourself to a statement coat

To turn any outfit into stylish look, a statement coat is a must. This can be in any color of your choice, just as long as you can wear it with various items. The style of the coat is up to you that being said, a smarter cut is a better option. As by opting for a smarter design, you can ensure that your coat is suitable for all events. So there you have it, how to be chic and stylish like a celebrity.


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