How to Find A Personal Injury Attorney in LA

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Los Angeles seems like the place where everyone is living their best life. The busy streets are always filled with different people going about their way and hurrying. It seems that Los Angeles residents are always in a hurry. That’s why you need a personal injury attorney, because many accidents happen in LA, resulting in injuries.

But while some scrapes and bruises go away in just a couple of days, there are injuries that leave a permanent mark or change the quality of life of a person forever. Such injuries can even cause someone to lose their job, leaving them with no source of income.

Luckily, in California, by law, you are entitled to monetary compensation if you get injured by someone else’s negligence. The compensation is enough to lift the financial burdens and give you a chance to recover without worrying about survival. And if you have a good personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, financial security is almost guaranteed.

The Characteristics of a Good LA Personal Injury Lawyer

There are a lot of good personal injury attorneys out there, but there are some that you should just avoid in a wide circle.

But how do you  know which one to turn to?

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney, , there are ways to check if you hired a ”real deal” and someone who will treat your claim with the care and dedication you deserve.


Even if a personal injury attorney has graduated from the best college in the world, without experience they are simply no match to other attorneys. Experience is what makes a good injury attorney so look for the ones who have been working in the field for years.

To those attorneys handling claims such as yours is something of second nature. Not to mention all insurance adjusters already know their names and what they are capable of in court, and sometimes having a reputation with the adjusters is not such a bad thing.

Organized and Professional

A good personal injury attorney has a fail proof system that allows them to do their job systematically, but also make sure you are informed of any step they take. They will go out of their way to consult and advise you of the steps you should take and they will do it by providing you the confidence to make the decision.

Soon, you will feel you are in the right hands and you’ll be able to focus on your recovery. That is what having a good personal injury attorney feels like- absolutely liberating. The best attorneys will never make you feel like you can’t trust them.

Compassionate and Honest

Being both compassionate and honest at the same time is something that not many attorneys can do. And in their line of work, these two don’t go hand in hand. There are times when your attorney is simply being honest, but they come off as being inconsiderate.

Nevertheless, the best personal attorneys will always make you feel understood, even when they are delivering bad news. They will offer you the best solution for you and the best one your claim allows, and they will be absolutely transparent about it.


There is a difference between receiving compensation and receiving fair compensation and every good personal injury attorney knows that. Contrary to popular belief, attorneys are not just asking for more and more money.

They are asking for what is fair considering your injuries and your situation. Them not being ready to settle for less could be your saving grace if you compare the ridiculously insulting offers adjusters will give to you initially.

The same adjusters will know the names of attorneys to look out for. Those are the ones who they failed to negotiate with and ended up going to court where the attorney made a staggering success by being really good at their job. You need that kind of attorney. The ones whose results put them on the ”watch out for” lists and made them a part of insurance adjusters’ urban myths.


The personal injury claim process involves lots of time and money and when an attorney makes a mistake the whole claim can be denied. You can be sure their client will be angry and will want the whole world to know what their attorney did. Because of this, attorney’s online reviews are among the most honest ones.

When people are angry, they don’t hold back, and when they are happy, they will be eager to recommend their personal injury attorney. You want that one who has the best review. One or two bad reviews are nothing alarming because mistakes are part of the experience and some law firms do hire interns prone to making errors (i.e. learning).

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