How To Exercise During Intermittent Fasting

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Intermittent fasting will make you lose weight. But do you know that intermittent fasting and brain health also go hand in hand? So does intermittent fasting and exercise.

Intermittent fasting and exercise are secrets to long life. But, can you exercise safely during intermittent fasting?

It is alright to exercise while fasting. Fasting alone can benefit your health. Fasting combined with exercising allows you to gain the benefits of both fitness programs.

The best time to exercise when you are into intermittent fasting is upon waking up. You do not typically want to eat directly after exercise. Eating about 3 hours after exercising helps increase your growth hormones, which makes you a fat burner.

It is alright to exercise with an empty stomach. Exercising with an empty stomach increases the benefits of fasting and exercise.

Fasting and exercise are what is known as the multi-therapeutic approach where each health-promoting method boosts the benefits of each other. That is why upon waking up and before breakfast is the best time to exercise while into intermittent fasting.

When combining intermittent fasting and exercising, think well of the type of exercise you will be doing. You can do any type of exercise if you will be exercising during your eating window. Consider lighter exercises such as walking, running, light Pilates, or yoga if you exercise while in fasted state. Schedule strenuous exercises after your meals.

If you are exercising during your eating window, eat 2 – 3 hours before exercising. Your meal before exercising should be high in complex carbohydrates (cereal) and protein.

Exercises during Intermittent Fasting

You do not need to do tough exercises while into intermittent fasting. It is important, though to maintain a regular exercise routine for your physical and mental health. Here are some of the safe exercises you can do while into intermittent fasting.

  • Do low-intensity cardio if you have been fasting. Listen to your body and stop exercising if you feel dizzy or light-headed. Take intermittent fasting mints so you do not crave for food while exercising.
  • Do high-intensity cardio after eating. The closer your last meal to your high-intensity cardio exercise, the better. This will ensure you still have some glycogen to fuel your exercise.
  • Indulge in high-protein meals to build your muscles. This means you will need to eat before after exercising. Concentrate on foods that are high in protein.
  • If you are eating one meal a day and working out, limit your exercise to medium-intensity cardio for 20-45 minutes. You can also do walking, jogging, yoga, Pilates, and elliptical exercises.  It is also important to always be hydrated and eat your meal as close as possible to your exercise schedule.

It is alright to exercise while doing intermittent fasting. Remember, though, to listen to your body. If you feel you can tolerate the exercise, then do it. If not, stop and do not overexert yourself. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercising to replace lost fluids.

Make sure to follow the reminders mentioned above to ensure you are exercising safely while fasting.

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