How To Detox Your Beauty Routine

Beverly Hills Magazine How To Detox Your Beauty Routine
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Too much of anything is terrible, indeed. When it comes to beauty routines, many types of products are involved. This may cause the accumulation of different chemicals inside the body. Despite the promises that these products make, most of them have ingredients that oppose the natural flow of things. Therefore, it’s essential to take a break and to let the body rest. Aside from the anti-aging and flawless skin, beauty detox can be one of the best parts of a beauty routine. Don’t know how to start? Hit the search button and find Comfort Zone!

  • Know the ingredients 

The first step in detoxing your beauty routine is knowing the ingredients of the beauty products used. More often than not, beauty products are infused with unnatural chemicals, allegedly meant to preserve a youthful appearance. Depending on the brand, product function, and age of the user, there are adverse effects that one should be wary of. 

These products contain a chemical that will eventually become counterproductive. At first, they’re meant to relax and soften the skin. However, damaging effects might surface after some time; these are due to the toxic chemicals that are present in the products. To avoid such unfortunate events in the future, make sure that the beauty products you use are free from poisonous ingredients. It pays to have a safe and effective beauty routine.

  • Scrub, rinse, and moisturize

Well, it’s no secret that to achieve an on fleek look, layers, and layers of make-up are often used; however, constantly doing this can ruin your skin. The products will seep through, and toxic chemicals will seep through as well. The best way to detox such a routine is none other than a scrub, rinse, and moisturize! Let the skin breathe; it needs a break sometimes to allow the pores exposure to fresh oxygen so that they can be rejuvenated.

First, scrub it to remove any dead skin cells. This is a great way to get rid of accumulated dirty particles and change them into a new layer of skin. However, try not to scrub too much. Moderation is key. Next, rinse thoroughly. Wash the skin so that it can stay hydrated. This way, it’ll remain clean and fresh. Lastly, moisturize. Never forget this step. Get a bottle of your preferred essential oils and rub that goodness onto your skin. Moisturizing will allow the skin to soften and smoothen. Moreover, it will allow it to become healthier and glossier.

  • Utilize natural soaps

Uneven skin tone? Get a whitening soap. Acne? Get a soap with anti-acne properties. That’s a natural reaction, but this doesn’t mean they’re the correct answers. The use of beauty products that promise excellent results brings the possibility of being infused with solid chemicals. The more usage there is, the more they can hasten skin deterioration. Therefore, natural soaps are the best option. Papaya soaps and carrot soaps are among the best natural soaps there are. They smell good, they have the same effects as regular soaps, and most of all, they are toxic-chemical-free.

  • Switch to natural deodorants

Foul body odor is a no-go. It’s not necessarily part of the beauty routine; however, it has a significant impact on the hygienic end of the spectrum. Deodorants contain chemicals that can be very harmful. Although they’re needed to reduce the not-so-comfortable smell that the body emits, there are other options to mitigate their use. A good substitute would be natural deodorants. It might take time for the new scent and the body to adjust, but after the initial period, efficacy and a great scent are a near-guarantee.

Beverly Hills Magazine Switch to natural deodorants

  • Don’t Forget Teatox

Aside from the detoxing procedures, consider beauty teatox! It’s a detoxing procedure done by drinking tea. As part of the beauty regimen, the body must be free from toxins; that’s how beauty is enhanced. A combination of teatox and beauty detox is really going the extra mile for your health.

  • Detox the hair

As a woman’s crowning glory, great hair is a must in creating a top-notch look. Conditioners, shampoos, and other hair essentials are always part of the beauty routine. However, daily exposure to these products might cause some irreversible damage to the hair. Instead, 3-4 washes a week should suffice. Doubts? No worries, that’s perfectly normal. The hair does not need to be constantly washed; it’s best if this is done at intervals. This will allow the natural oils to refurbish the hair and make it healthier.

  • Simplify

And finally, the best way to detox is to keep it simple. Fewer products, fewer toxins, and more self-confidence instead. You will shine.


Detox has never been as widespread a practice as it is right now. However, always consider the pros and cons. Searching for more information on detoxing is highly recommended before jumping right in. Stay healthy and beautiful—the healthy way.

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