How to Create Coastal Vibes in Your Bedroom

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For many of us, a bedroom is a place where you can relax and unwind. It’s your sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life outside. It is a place to relax. You spend so much time there, it’s important to make this space feel like home. A bedroom design should be calm and serene, its decor magnifies your personality and the colors in its decor has a huge impact on your mind and soul.

At the same time, it is the best way to show personality and create an environment that reflects your identity. One of the foremost important things you can do in a bedroom is choosing colors and decor. You want it to be calm, serene, and make you feel at home. We have some tips on how to keep your space looking just right! With the new trends in the era. Let’s choose a coastal theme this time. The coastal palette is calm, fresh, and breezy, it gives a relaxing vibe and fresh look to the bedroom. The fresh and relaxing colors symbolize the beauty of the unlimited sky and the freshness of the ocean. If you are looking for coastal style inspiration here are some tips on how to create coastal vibes in your own room.

What is Coastal Theme?

Coastal Themes are coastal furniture and room decor styled with the color scheme of a beach. The colors usually consist of light blues, soft yellows, greens as well as white or cream in order to represent relaxation. Beachy accessories such as shells and blue pottery can also be added for some extra coastal charm. Coastal style is chic, natural, and relaxed.

Go for the Blue Color Palette

Blue is calm and fresh. Blue symbolizes the endless sky and the cool ocean. The color is relaxing to the sore eyes. The best way to bring the ocean to your room is to go for the blue Palette in the interior. Try a blue shade with a mix of white. You can also mix light and dark blue. Hang on the light blue curtains with white bed linen and blue throw pillows. Let’s not forget about adding coastal themed bedroom rugs. A rug of blue hues at the foot of your bed will complete the coastal decor. You can also add some powder yellow cushions to bring a sunny look too. A few pots of indoor plants and a painting representing a sea-shore will never go out of spot.

Sheer Curtains

Instead of heavy curtains, go for light sheer curtains that will let the sun in and create an airy atmosphere. If you want to have privacy, use some decorative blinds on the windows. Hang on light and sheer curtains in white or any muted palette with blue accents. It will create a coastal vibe in your bedroom.  Sheer curtains are the perfect choice for bringing a breezy, light, and airy feel to any room of the house. The breezy fabric will add a cool and relaxing aroma to your room.

Introduce White with Pop of Colors

The coastal theme is all about light and white. It is bringing the light and pastel shades in. white walls and a light-colored area rug on the floor and soft pastel colors. White with pops of color is also a good way to create coastal vibes in your bedroom. Choose an accent wall or area in your room for a pop of color. You can also paint the main wall white with the adjacent in powder blue shade. The main idea of the look is to bring white and pastels together in a way to bring light inside and create a soft relaxing design. However, if you want to add a rustic touch too. Go check out our article on rustic decor in the bedroom.

 A Touch of Sea-Tones

To evoke the coastal vibe, you might want to add a touch of sea tones. This is an inexpensive way to create dimension and depth in your design aesthetic. For example – Green ikat fabric or plain cotton sheets can be used as bedding with a mix of floral throw pillows and cushions. A sea color palette rug on the floor with a coastal or tie and dye pattern will complete the vibes in the room. To get a rug perfect for your theme, don’t forget to visit our site Rugknots. You can find any rug according to your preferences in their online store.

Bring Flowers

Flowers look beautiful. They adorn every decor style. There is nothing that flowers can’t do. Never forget the importance of flowers in your home decor. Bring a bunch of your favorite white lily or pink roses. The mix of white and pink will create a unique pop of colors that looks chic and classic. Fresh flowers give a romantic charm to your room.  They make a great addition to your coastal theme.

Soft and Light Cotton Sheets

An important detail that can’t be overlooked is the bedding. You want something with texture and softness, but not too much as it might get warmer during those long summer nights. Cotton sheets are perfect for this kind of bedroom because they go perfectly with all colors in the room like blue, green, and white. White sheets are the best choice because they provide that clean look in your room as well as give you a sense of peace at night when it’s time to go to sleep. The coastal bedroom should be light and airy, with a hint of freshness and care. The bedding should have texture to it so you’re not sleeping on something too rough like satin sheets. Cotton is the best choice because it’s affordable yet soft to the touch, perfect for your summer nights!

Wrapping Up

It’s easy to create a coastal theme in your bedroom, even if you live inland. Just by using the right colors and adding some essential elements like seashells or driftwood, you’ll be able to give off a fresh and breezy vibe that is both cool and calm.  We hope you found this post helpful and that it gave you some inspiration for your coastal bedroom. If not, we have a whole bunch of other posts about bedrooms to help you find the perfect space! 

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