How to Clean and Maintain Jute Rugs

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Because the stalks of the jute come from the leaves of the plant instead of the stalks, it is considered a bast fiber. The plant where jute fibers come from is named the Corchorus plant. Corchorus grows in places with monsoon climates primarily where there tropical wet and warmth exist. Examples of countries that have this kind of environment are India and Bangladesh. The weather works the jute fibers long day in and out.

Jute rugs are made of jute material. Jute is all-natural but durable and can be stylish. Jute rugs can level up any area in the home may it be common spaces like the living room or more private spaces like the bedroom. It gives locations or spots a fresh, earthy undertone while providing a soft underfoot.

Jute rugs are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Dust and grime do not easily cling to jute rugs as jute has hard fibers it rests loosely on the rug weaves. Jute rugs will last longer and longer if proper steps are done to take care of their fibers.

Jute Rugs and Spills

Can jute rugs get wet? The quickest answer would be to avoid jute rugs from spills and getting wet. Spilled liquid on the jute rugs will enable the release of oils that will cause the browning of fibers as they dry. It will then be quite challenging to clean those spots and the right placement of the previously wet jute rugs can be difficult.

It is advised to not place the jute rugs in environments with high moisture or where frequent spills are likely to happen. A place like kitchens, cross bathrooms, entryways, and outside porches should be off the list of jute rug’s locations.

Furthermore, the warmth combined with moisture makes the jute rugs vulnerable to mold and mildew. This will cause a decrease in jute fiber strength.

Jute Rugs and When Spills Do Happen

When spills happen, the jute rugs do not have to stain. Cleaning jute rugs do not have to be that difficult. Cleaning them though is different from cleaning a synthetic rug. Hosing down or drenching jute rugs in water will lead to further damage to the material. Jute rug owners can utilize the following steps instead:

  • Spot Cleaning

An effective and efficient method when trying to clean jute rugs is spot cleaning. Here is how to go over it:

  1. Using a clean, white paper towel or cloth, press firmly onto the jute rug right after spills happen. Do it going inward to avoid spreading the spill. Do not rub but blot instead. Continuously blot firmly until all the moisture has been absorbed by the cloth or towel.
  2. Using a dull knife or a nail file, scape up solid spills and then proceed with doing the above procedure.
  3. Using a cloth dampened with club soda, remove the stain by blotting firmly red wine or tomato sauce spills. Remove these stains further by repeating until any possible stain has been removed.
  4. Allow the jute rugs to dry. Most of the time, the stains will easily disappear. Otherwise, a cloth dampened with mild detergent or soap can be used as a spot remover. Make sure to dry immediately using a fan or hairdryer.
  • Using a Dry-Cleaning Powder
  1. Before applying the carpet cleaner to spot clean jute rugs, do test it on unnoticeable parts or spots on the jute rug.
  2. Shake the dry cleaner on the area that has been spilled careful to cover it entirely. Some stores sell cleaners just for these kinds of rugs or otherwise, jute rugs owners can use the cleaner of their choice.
  3. Going in all directions, brush the dry-cleaning powder thoroughly.
  4. With another handful of carpet dry-cleaning powder, pack the area again after brushing.
  5. Leave the jute rug until completely dry. Drying may take all night for wet spills. The carpet cleaner will lighten as it dries.
  6. Vacuum the jute rug thoroughly once it dries.

Remember that regardless of the composition of the substance or spill that jute rugs come in contact with, it is crucial to control the moisture amount it gets in contact with. This is true with the cleaning process as well. Jute rugs should never be steam cleaned, used wet shampoo on, or drench with water. It is also not advisable to use any other method with water saturation as well. Dry-cleaning with carpet cleaning powder is highly recommended.

Jute Rugs and Its Proper Maintenance

Jute rugs last longer when maintained properly. Here’s how we beat you to it:

  • Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming regularly prolongs the life of jute rugs. It is the best way to take care of these rugs. Utilize a vacuum with a strong suction setting to remove visible and loose dirt. A beater bar should never be used to clean jute rugs. Vacuum jute rugs from different directions. Go over and vacuum all areas several times.

The need to regularly vacuum may not be always visible but these maintenance steps will lengthen jute rugs’ lives by preventing soil build-up. Also, vacuuming can remove stains caused by spills as detailed above.

  • Remember Light Dampening

Note that applying light damping to the jute rugs eliminates minor bubbling and strand looseness. It can be normal for carpets to stiff a little as they dry. Jute rugs dry fast. Do not over-saturate jute rugs as they can cause changes in dimension and will stain the rug in the underlay.

Remember to apply minimum moisture. Jute rug owners can achieve this by spraying, damp brushing, clean mopping, or using devices that can dampen lightly. Do not forget to vacuum and clean jute rugs after the application of even just small amounts of moisture to avoid staining.

  • Utilize Fabric Protectors

Depending on reviews, it is also recommended to use a high-quality natural fiber rug protector. These products help decrease the absorbance of spills and dirt. They can also lengthen the time in between cleanings.

Jute rugs treated with fabric or rug protectors will resist nearly all cold liquid spills. They repel water excellently if applied with protectors. Make sure to choose one that does not have harmful chemicals.

  • Do Not Ignore Jute Rug Corners

When jute rugs are used in areas where regular foot traffic, shuffling and other commotions are normal, the rugs’ edges tend to curl. This issue can be fixed by dampening the curled edges or areas and weighing them down evenly overnight.

When jute rugs are extremely curled, repeat the above process of damping multiple times as necessary.

Jute rugs are durable, sustainable, and stylish area rug options for homes and other spaces. So, follow proper care and maintenance of jute rugs to extend the longevity of these solid rugs.

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