How to Choose the Right Revolver?

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A new gun owner’s first major choice is whether or not to purchase a revolver. The second step is to choose a revolver. Making the proper option for your first handgun purchase, whether for pleasure, personal protection, employment, or hunting, is one of the most important components in guaranteeing your contentment as a new gun owner.

Choosing the right revolver might be intimidating, but the rule of thumb to keep in mind by Michael Nelson from Peak Firearms is that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to firearms. The ideal weapon for a buddy or spouse may not be the ideal weapon for you.

How you will be using it

Because guns are tools, be sure you choose the correct one for the job. Are you going to be punching paper all day? Is it a self-defense weapon? Do you just want to grab a huge gun and fire it? Are you intending on carrying it concealed?

It’s not that you can’t just own a revolver for the sake of having one; you can, and plenty of people do. It’s just that you want to get the right pistol for the job so you get the most bang for your buck.

A.22 LR or.22 WMR is a wonderful starting point if you just want to see what all the fuss is about with wheel guns. A Heritage Rough Rider may be had for less than $200. You’ll be able to perform a lot of shooting for a little price, and you’ll get the complete revolver experience (albeit in single-action with the Rough Rider, but still.) In reality, shooting a.22 revolver is a lot of pleasure. While I hold all of my firearms in high respect, my favourite is an H&R 649 that is old enough to complain about “kids these days.”

Want to defend yourself with a concealed carry revolver? Snubbies like the J-frame, LCR, or Taurus 85, as well as medium frames like S&W’s Versions 66, 586, and 686 round-butt models, Colt’s new King Cobra, the Ruger SP101, and others, are excellent carry pistols. Looking for a starter pistol in.38 Special or.357 Magnum? The Model 10 is still made by S&W, the Taurus 82 and Rock Island Model 200 are decent cheap alternatives, and a Ruger GP100 is always a fine choice.

Be aware of magnum bug

Many people with more money than reason get the desire for a large pistol that fires magnum bullets.

One of two things happens to someone who own a Smith & Wesson Model 500, the world’s most powerful pistol. They either purchased it for around 75 percent of MSRP after only firing it a few times or sold it for approximately 75 percent of MSRP after only firing it a few times.

If you desire a Big Bore Revolver, be sure it’s something you really want. Rent one a couple times, or buy some ammo and ask a buddy who owns one if you can fire it. If you’re still confident it’s the right weapon for you, go ahead and get it.

Ammunition will cost more

With a few exceptions, revolver ammo will cost a little more than 9mm ammunition. While.38 Special and.357 Magnum aren’t prohibitively costly (a box of 50 FMJ costs about the same as.45 ACP and 10mm), they are more expensive than 9mm.

Then you come to the really boring stuff. Even for range ammo, packs of 20 factory rounds cost around $15 to $20, while boxes of 50 cost around $30. Oh, and good luck finding any because even Cabelas doesn’t have much. .45 Colt or 44 Special

Easy to shoot or easy to carry

If you’re thinking about buying a revolver for self-defense, you’ll have to choose between ease of firing and ease of carrying.

Snubbies are the simplest to carry, but mastering them (most having a two-inch barrel, short grips, and a small double-action revolver trigger) requires a lot of work. A.38 Special J-frame or LCR has a small sight radius and is energetic.

In.357 Magnum, a snubbie is almost unpleasant. You can get them in sizes up to a round butt medium frame, but keep in mind that they’re similar in size and weight to vintage Wonder Nines like the Beretta 92 and SIG P226. That’s about as near to a compromise as you’ll get.

Ruger GP100s and S&W Model 19s are easy to shoot and fire effectively, but their bigger frame, longer barrel length, and weight (almost 40 ounces) make them difficult to hide.

You’ll note that we didn’t say anything about pricing. This is because pricing should not be the most important consideration when purchasing a firearm. You don’t have to start your study with pricing because there are a number of excellent firearms available for a fair price. Once you’ve found a few firearms you like, pick the one that’s within your price range.

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