How to Choose the Perfect Mailbox for Your House

How to Choose the Perfect Mailbox for Your House #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #mailbox #exteriordesign #customizablemailbox #residentialmailbox
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Your mailbox can say a lot about your personality and your home, so you need to select the best mailbox and the right one. You need to take into consideration different factors, from local regulations to durability and style. The following are some of the guidelines for choosing the perfect mailbox for your home:


When buying a mailbox, you want one that will consume a limited amount of resources and time to maintain it. Metallic mailboxes require regular cleaning and repainting to control the rust infestation. In that case, you will need paint to ensure it remains shiny. Conversely, plastic provides a cheaper design that is simple to maintain as it can only accumulate dust. If your wooden mailbox is mounted on the curb, you need to install it in a way that will discourage being eaten by ants, for instance. Additionally, you will need to repair any loose nails and wooden pieces. 

Security Features

Although stealing or opening another person’s mail is a federal offense, that does not mean you have to make it easier for these delinquents. In that case, you need to prioritize security for your mail and packages. Although the mailbox’s material may dictate your first line of defense, you need to ensure you add another layer. Consider investing in high security residential mailboxes with lock features to prevent unauthorized access and keep your mail private. These mailboxes are available at affordable prices and in different designs. You can also opt for the slot design, preventing prying hands from reaching the mail.


You can choose from multiple materials when selecting your mailbox, including metal, plastic, and wood. For instance, metallic ones are the best choices if you aim for something durable. They can withstand rugged weather and are reluctant to be infested by pests like ants. However, in wet places, they are susceptible to rust, but with the proper maintenance, they can serve you for years, if not decades. Plastic options are lightweight and require little maintenance. They are also resistant to rust and corrosion. Wooden ones, on the other hand, offer simplicity, but to last, you need to maintain them regularly.  

Local Regulations and Guidelines

Your local regulations and guidelines play a huge role in selecting a mailbox for your home. Before you can make any purchases, ensure you consult the approved mailbox choices. Visit your local municipality or homeowner’s association for the correct insights, such as the right size and material. They also dictate the uniformity of the neighborhood, hence a beautiful streetscape. Understand that each locality has different set guidelines, and if you are new in the region, ensure you seek insights before being penalized for breaching these laws.


You need a mailbox that will fit all your mail, whether in volume or size. If you frequently receive packages or large envelopes, a larger mailbox should be your first consideration. They will offer secure and ample space for your packages. You must ensure the mailbox is big enough that you do not have to fold your mail if it contains books or magazines. Additionally, opt for a customizable mailbox to ensure you can tailor it to your wants. However, if you receive mail infrequently, a smaller option is more convenient. 


Your mailbox should be part of your personality, design, and style. Select a mailbox that reflects the architectural style of your home to add sophistication and overall visual appeal. There are multiple selections available at your disposal. If you fancy classiness and timelessness, an option like Victorian Scrollwork is a nice place to start or a modern design like Contemporary Stainless steel. However, your decision should be based on the design of your home. You can also select a mailbox based on the color of your exterior design or one customizable with final touches to inspire unique looks like the countryside or nature. 

How to Choose the Perfect Mailbox for Your House #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #mailbox #exteriordesign #customizablemailbox #residentialmailbox
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Mounting Options

How you want to mount your mailbox also plays a crucial role in your choice of mailbox. Most people prefer the post-mounted option with its standalone post near the curb. This type of mounting is simple and suitable for most mailboxes, offering practicality and aesthetic versatility. However, there is also the option to mount your mailbox on the wall. This is primarily suitable for residential properties where space is limited. There is also the option for column-mounted mailboxes. They are attached to a column or structure and integrated into the home’s architecture. Therefore, make sure your mounting decision complements your personality and style. 

Your mailbox is a part of your household, requiring you to compliment your home and personality. Get the right size, style, and design to give your home the visual appeal it deserves. Remember that each area has its own mailbox guidelines and regulations. Therefore, abide by them to prevent unnecessary fines and penalties. Following the above tips will give you the mailbox that best suits your needs.

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