How To Choose Affordable Coworking Space In NYC

Finding Affordable And Sophisticated Coworking Space In NYC #business #newyorkcity #wealth #success #entrpreneur
Finding Affordable And Sophisticated Coworking Space In NYC #business #newyorkcity #wealth #success #entrpreneur

You have outgrown the trendy, grungy workspaces of your former unprofessional self and are now looking for something a little more mature. The cramped coworking spaces that provided lots of coffee and access to any desk were great in the beginning, but as your freelancing gigs have become steadier and have developed a clientele, this hanging out at the space has become, well, unproductive. (Image Credit: Pete Linforth/Pixabay)

Got yourself a new bowtie, and you have actually learned to apply gel to your hair so that your hair looks great. New haircut, new clothes, a new attitude, but you are still working out of that dingy little coworking space. Don’t be afraid to make the jump from rent-a-desk-and-an-internet connection to more sophisticated haunts that can actually round out this more professional look you are going with because anyone can access affordable coworking space for hire in NYC.

Let’s take a closer look at how to access affordable, sophisticated coworking space in NYC.

Look At The Climate

If you do not mind the travel around the city, take a minute to visit some of the areas. Take a look at historic NYC, for example, the Avenues of America which hosts a few coworking spaces. Consider some of the spaces in Manhattan, Soho, and Greenwich Green if you are looking to work in upscale areas. The former artist colony now gentrified neighbourhood Soho is another place to visit if trying to appeal to sophisticated clientele.

Other up and coming neighborhoods to pay attention include coworking spaces in Harlem, Flatbush, and Brooklyn. While not your typical high-brow locations, it is possible to find a gem among the spaces in these areas. The whole part of working in the coworking space is to find a space to connect with others while working, so the environment is very important in choosing a great space.  

Use Wikis To Take A Test Drive

Take a test drive by using any one of the coworking wikis online. These online communities ask professionals to pay a fee, but they also allow you to collaborate with NYC professional, giving you a taste of what a real coworking community can feel like. They can also be a resource in helping you find a coworking space that works for your business.

Keep It Local

If you have clients that are in one centrally-located area, consider finding space in the same location. By doing this, you avoid your clients having to go to another, distant location to meet with and avoid losing clients. If you find that your clients are in different locations around the city, consider finding a space that is centrally located. The coworking space leasing options are very flexible and typically do not tie you down to a protracted contract. The likelihood is that if you do have to move to another location you can do so easily and conveniently.  

Consider A Serviced Office

The serviced office industry can offer your business access to some of the most prestigious locations in the city. Access to the World Trade Center, Avenues of the Americas, and Park Avenue is possible through serviced offices that typically provide businesses with the finest office space. The leasing terms are uncomplicated, and businesses will find that if they need to travel in the city, and sometimes globally, that they have access to office space in locations where the serviced office is.

Sophisticated Affordability In The NYC

Usually, top-notch office space costs an arm and a leg. In fact, because the coworking space concept is one that is about creating quality, affordable space, professionals can find high-brow space without sacrificing due to high costs. Ultimately, sophisticated affordability can be achieved, even in NYC’s increasingly expensive commercial real estate market.

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