How To Accessorize Your Look This Year

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Getting your style noticed is about how you accessorize. The right accessory can turn a drab outfit into a fashionable one with barely any effort. Maybe you’re already familiar with fashion trends but are looking to incorporate more accessories. Or, perhaps you’re a seasoned fashionista and want to learn more about accessorizing to continue upgrading your look. In any case, if you like the idea of playing up your look with accessories, read on to learn more about how to accessorize this year.

Implement Floral Prints

Upgrade your style by incorporating floral prints into your outfits. Flowers are colorful, but they’re not as all over the place as modern prints like polka dots or stripes can be. If you feel like adding these bolder patterns instead, go for it! Floral prints might just help you get started. If you are unsure if you can pull a colorful accessory, know this: You can!

A floral sports jacket or paisley scarves can make all the difference to your outfits and emphasize the details you’ve chosen to go with your outfit. Floral prints are an excellent choice if you are new to adding patterns to your outfits.

Keep It Simple

By keeping your outfits simple, you can choose one accessory to highlight your outfit. With less going on, you can use your accessory as a focal point, drawing attention to the accessory itself and the details it incorporates to make your outfit more interesting.

An example of this concept could be a pair of dark jeans and a black shirt paired with a teal necklace. The teal accessory is the pop of color you need to make your outfit come together. You accentuate the detail of the necklace by drawing eyes to it with minor detail in the outfit.

Use Your Jewelry

Sometimes, the only accessory you need is a pair of earrings or a bracelet. That touch of sparkle can do wonders for setting the tone of your outfit and the general look you are going for that day. Look for minimalist jewelry to stay on point with modern trends while still displaying your personality in the specific gemstones and jewelry designs you choose to wear. If you want to make a statement, look for mix-match earrings of different shapes like stars and moons, or wear silver and gold jewelry together.

Play Up Your Makeup

Makeup can be a great accessory if you’re willing to draw attention to the designs you go for in your makeup application. Whether you choose lipstick, eyeliner, or a shimmery eyeshadow as your main accessory, know that makeup has your back in accessorizing your outfit for the better!

Add The Right Accessory Bag

Adding the right bag can be a significant fashion statement and can totally upgrade your outfit. If you’re wearing sustainable fashion jeans and a t-shirt, you can take your look from average to vintage by including a faux leather bag. That’s literally all it takes!

The same is true for canvas totes or any other bag you prefer to take with you throughout the day. Messenger bags are also a favorite in 2022. Consider your personal style and start considering how you can incorporate the right bags to complete your look.

The Bottom Line

Accessorizing your look is about considering your personality and style and how you can incorporate these concepts alongside modern trends. Keep things simple and try implementing just one or two accessories at a time to draw attention to the details. Be sure to keep the attention on the overall aesthetic you’re accomplishing with every outfit. Now, get styling!

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