How Technology Has Changed The World Of High-End Design

How Technology Has Changed The World Of High-End Design #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #interiordesigners #dreamhome #3Drendering #highenddesign
Image Used With Permission By Jennifer Amodei

Many can relate to the anxiety that remodeling or building can bring. With the help of revolutionary 3D rendering design, the process not only becomes clear, but it’s also a dazzling and perfect demonstration of what the space will look like.

Jennifer Amodei, Owner of Amodei Designs, is a twenty-year veteran of the interior design

business and explains how the business has changed over the years.

“The guesswork is done. The clients are in awe when I present a 3D rendering of the new space. And as the construction comes together and the furniture is placed, they are shocked how it looks exactly like their lifelike rendering. It has become an indispensable tool for the design industry.”

People don’t always equate interior design with fashion design, but they are intertwined and are constantly changing, as is the technology to help us envision the project. Virtual Reality (VR) is causing massive technological disruption and is currently used in a specific industry, like design. Not only is technology paving the way in the presentation process of design, but it’s also overwhelming the consumer with gadgets and gizmos. Every home is incomplete without interior tech elements. As homeowners march into the future, they become more conscious about their interior spaces.

Jennifer explains, “People want sustainable and smart homes, and to build these; we need technologically advanced and proficient interior designers.”

Image Used With Permission By Jennifer Amodei

A variety of technology—AR & VR technology, use virtual staging platforms to showcase designs to their clients, and even 3D modeling and 3D printing tools. These tools help designers collaborate efficiently with their clients while cutting down on physical visits and the overall cost of interior space design. Interior designers use modern technology in the form of smart refrigerators, voice-controlled equipment like ovens and dishwashers, and other smart appliances. Imagine being able to set the oven’s temperature from an app, even when you’re not at home, so you can get started on your dinner early.

When you think about home automation, you can’t leave entertainment behind. These days, most people use voicecontrolled devices like Google Home or Alexa to control the entertainment in their homes. Interior designers hook these systems up to a home’s entertainment unit—the TV, speakers, or sound systems.

Image Used With Permission By Jennifer Amodei

Smart home devices like smart speakers greatly add value to the home. You must provide the commands to play music, movies, videos, and more. Based on the 3D rendering by Amodei Designs

client’s requirement, interior designers have the option to integrate smart entertainment systems into a home to keep all the members of the house easily engrossed.

Interior designers use smart lighting to automate lights inside a home. Smart lighting eliminates the need for traditional switches, and they can be controlled remotely. Smart lighting brings down the overall cost of energy used by a home—you don’t need to keep replacing light bulbs in your home.

Smart lighting can be customized for festivities, holidays, and even regular days. In fact, smart lighting systems also tend to last for a longer duration of time compared to traditional lighting systems and don’t need to be replaced that often. With lighting control, you can give your client’s home a smart home design they’d love coming home to.


Jennifer concludes, “As the client prepares to spend a significant investment on their dream home, technology can help the client purchase with confidence, and that is priceless.”

Amodei Designs Jennifer Amodei

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