How So Many New Yorkers are Getting Botox

Why So Many New Yorkers are Getting Botox
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NYC is currently one of the top destinations for cosmetic treatments in the whole country. Now, more than ever before, New Yorkers are able to get cosmetic consulting, treatments, post-procedural support and look younger than ever, for a price that’s reasonable and realistic. So how is this happening?

Last you heard, Botox was that weird injection they give to rich people and celebrities to make them look all puffy and stretched out. You should be surprised to hear that that’s not the case, both in terms of how Botox works and who has access to it. Botox in New York is quite popular not just with the 1%, but pretty much anyone from an average income household.

Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll understand just why this phenomenon has swept through the city and how you can take advantage of it.

Safety First

One of the biggest reasons why Botox is so popular nowadays comes from how safe it is. For many people, getting treated is a matter of mental health.

It’s not about looking like your favorite celebrity, but rather having the appearance that you want to have. People don’t get injected into their faces just for fun. They do it because they feel they need that extra boost of confidence, which they can only get by smoothing out a wrinkle or bringing new energy and vigor to their face.

But regardless of how much confidence Botox can bring to the many patients that try out the treatment, it’s definitely not worth doing if it’s in any way a safety concern.

There’s really no reason to put your mental health above physical wellness. Luckily, Botox doesn’t pose danger to your body and in the hands of an experienced surgeon, is quite safe.

The compound itself can be dangerous, yes. Its ability to disable nerve endings can be very harmful if misused.

But the methodology behind Botox procedures, as well as the years of training the practitioners go through, makes sure that no mistakes are made and the treatment is absolutely safe. And even if a minor error is made, which happens very rarely, it’s easy to fix.

Any clinic will tell you that their primary concern is their patients’ health. To calm your nerves down even further, you can also consider the fact that Botox was approved by the FDA in the early 2000s for cosmetic use.

And way before that, it was used in medical practices, such as dealing with joint pains, uncontrollable muscle twitching, and even, in some cases migraines. 

Availability and Accessibility

Let’s go back in time a couple of decades and understand the Botox scene back when it first became available for commercial use in cosmetics.

Not many practitioners were around and many of them weren’t all that experienced. The methodology, though very developed and thoroughly tested, was still very new by medical standards.

Back then, it would be very hard to find a qualified practitioner, which meant that the treatment wasn’t as widely available to everyone. So, only a handful of people could have the opportunity of trying it for themselves.

This also meant that the treatment was pretty expensive and a person with average income couldn’t just stroll into a clinic and get treated.

Nowadays, however, the Botox scene has changed drastically. With more clinics and cosmetic centers opening up not just across big cities, but the entire country, Botox has become a lot more accessible. And with that, also came far more affordable prices. 

In 2018 alone, there over a million Botox injections performed in the US. As far as the medical aesthetics industry is concerned, it is projected to continue growing well into the decade.

Needless to say, that the market is pretty huge right now and it’s all thanks to the reasonable pricing models and the overall availability of the clinics themselves.

The Eye-Candy Results

But what’s the point of prices, statistics, and safety, when we don’t even understand what the results are? Why go through all this information on Botox and the cosmetic industry as a whole, when we don’t even understand the outcomes of the treatments themselves?

There’s not much you can say about Botox, because you’ll have to see it to believe it. I could go on about every little detail of its effects, what it changes, improves, smooths out, and accentuates, but the best way to understand this is to have a visual demonstration of it.

A short way to sum up what it does would be to simply tell you it restores youthfulness to your face by smoothing out wrinkles, making your skin look smoother, and give it a supple, vibrant appearance.

The compound stops your nerves from conducting signals which are responsible for your facial muscles’ constant contractions. When these muscles relax, the skin above naturally smooths itself out.

There aren’t enough words I could use that simple before and after photo won’t demonstrate. To see the full effects of Botox, you can check out Manhattan’s MiracleFace MedSpa and look at their client feedback. It’s a very famous clinic that offers Botox in New York, but for very reasonable prices. They have many photos demonstrating how well Botox works and what it changes. 

New Yorkers are really getting lucky with this rise in Botox and how people have begun to perceive it. The stigma that comes with getting Botox doesn’t have the strength that it used to, as it shouldn’t. There’s absolutely no shame in wanting to look younger. Everyone, at some point in their lives, for a split second has an uneasy feeling when they look in the mirror.

It’d be nice if this didn’t happen at all, but that’s just the reality we live in. Many of these people don’t mind the wrinkles and are perfectly OK with signs of aging. Others aren’t. So what’s the point of shaming them? 

Be proud of how you look and always stay confident in your own skin. And if something, even the tiniest thing is bothering you, modern medical and cosmetic science has you covered.

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