How Influencers Are Monetizing YouTube Videos

How Influencers Are Monetizing YouTube Videos #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #youtube #youtubers #influencers #successfulyoutubers #youtubeinfluencers #advertisements #googleAdsense
How Influencers Are Monetizing YouTube Videos #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #youtube #youtubers #influencers #successfulyoutubers #youtubeinfluencers #advertisements #googleAdsense

Millions of people are taking their businesses to YouTube, which is quite reasonable considering that YouTube has billions of users watching videos for billions of hours. It is a hub for talent, masters, old businesses, and new ones. Successful YouTubers do not by any chance offer their services for free, they make money out of it, and if you happen to be famous; getting substantial views and watch hours, which would also make you influential, then you make good money through YouTube. If you are wondering how, here are the answers. (Image Credit:

Starting Point

Successful YouTube influencers make quality videos. This is not much of a challenge for any creative person with a smartphone or laptop. With all the applications available like the youtube vanced apk, and editing tools, such as a great youtube intro maker, the first step is already done with. After that, this YouTuber is required to meet the minimum payout threshold of $100 which goes to Google which owns YouTube; you will not earn a dime till you have reached Google’s $100 point. Keep making the videos and promoting them to generate traffic even after meeting this threshold. The more the numbers, the better the income. This is the starting; however, there is a need to supplement this method of generating revenue.

Link Building to Drive Traffic

An awesome method to drive traffic is link building. Most celebrities embed videos in their Bio URL, email, their websites, or weekly newsletters. It’s possible to Embed several youtube videos to your Bio URL giving your audience a chance to view your content from a single source. The link building experts of advice that bio link information must be accurate as it will be the main way of connecting to your subscribers. With such links, you can analyze your traffic from your Bio URL. 


Advertisements are a great way to make money via YouTube. Google made it very easy to sign up to Google AdSense to attach ads to videos. Each of your viewers will get a different ad depending on their web-surfing history, which is why you will notice a particular ad of a product you viewed play repeatedly. A Youtuber would earn around $1 and $2 per 1000 views. So many people have signed up with Google AdSense, but very few people gain from it because; The advertiser’s money is shared with Google, and people have to watch the entire ad and not skip it for it to count as a view. Some YouTubers prefer to have cost per click (CPC) ads on their page, which means, relying on people to click on the ads. This is not a very reliable source of income.

Youtube Partner

Earn rewards as a YouTube partner. You become a partner when you monetize your content and begin sharing advertising revenue with Google. Unlock analytics about your viewers and their ad clicks. Also, you will earn benefits like thumbnails, and you can broadcast a Google hangout. As partners, YouTube will involve the Youtuber in offline and online worldwide advertising programs. Influencers receive special framed play buttons; silver play buttons for 100000 subscribers and gold play buttons for 1000000 subscribers. Partners also get to keep their copyright for their uploaded videos while allowing you to upload and monetize content on other video platforms. As a partner, you get a vast range of tools and community support as you keep gaining subscribers.


Once the influencers have their fan base, they create a range of branded products that the locals would gladly buy, to feel like part of the group. It could be anything, t-shirts and hats or headphones and scatting shoes. The money they acquire from these will keep promoting the site and the larger the numbers, the more the demand. These YouTubers will market their merchandise on YouTube while remaining loyal to the original course. Some influencers approach the market the opposite way; introducing their product and making videos to promote the page.

Connecting Networks

Connecting networks is a great way to engage your social networks using less time and while remaining in the course of the brand to avoid having a mixed identity. Adding your URL to your YouTube videos to your Instagram profile will attract more views and subscribers. Share the link in different social networks, including LinkedIn and Facebook, and you see tremendous growth in your viewers’ numbers.


With a substantial audience, companies will want to sponsor the channel, believing that they can benefit from having their name linked to that channel. The influencers state on their page the sponsors who will be advertising their products and services around your video. Some sponsors would pay the Youtuber to use their products in their videos. For YouTubers, their income will come from sponsorships, endorsements, and product placement.

Subscription Fees

Some YouTubers manage to have a solid following that sees real value in their content and go-ahead to create a gated content premium paid subscriber-only channel. The influencer will often use the free YouTube channel as a lead to the paid services, those are not aiming to go viral but are simply for those that find them worth the money. No doubt, this is done only by those that have gained enough popularity and found a loyal following.

If you are a Youtuber and believe in your content, know that there are enough crowds for it across the globe and that, just like PewDiePIe, you can make a living from your hustle. Hope will not get you there, but your quality and consistency will.                                                        


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