How Debt Consolidation Can Fix My Finances

How Debt Consolidation Can Fix My Financial Mistakes #money #debt #moneymanagement #finances #business #wealth #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
How Debt Consolidation Can Fix My Financial Mistakes #money #debt #moneymanagement #finances #business #wealth #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Opting for expensive vacations and having parties and fun every night is the way to lead your life when you are young. However, these habits would be leaving an intense and adverse impact on your savings and debt repayment plans. The financial mistakes that you had made in your youth often have certain long-term implications that negatively affect your overall financial health. You are still trying to rectify the reckless financial mistakes made in your young days. (Image Credit: Pixabay)

Today you must have realized the importance of creating a robust credit history and a good credit score. Fortunately, we know that ‘it is never too late’ and you could fix all your financial mistakes and pay attention to the problem areas. You could be financially stable and successful if you are careful and dedicated in your approach. Let us explore some money mistakes that most people make when they are young and slightly reckless.

Mistake: Drifting away from the Reality

Many young Americans would ignore their finances simply because they are afraid to face reality. They stay away from truths and are not alone. However, it is high time they tackled their fear issues and understood exactly what their credit score and even their debt-to-income ratio would represent. They must stop using credit cards if they cannot control their expenses and are running into debts. If you are bogged down by the mistakes you had made in your youth, you must start monitoring your spending so that you know your facts. You need to know how much you earn, how much precisely you spend on every single portion of your life and if at all you are making any savings. When you clearly understand the picture and you know your present financial status, what areas require fixing, and where you are heading to, you need to consider creating a financial plan including clearly stated benchmarks and goals for tracking your progress.

Mistake: Not Bothering to Take Care of Student Loan Bills

Many recent grads would be finding themselves neck deep in debts due to unpaid student loans. As their entry-level salaries are not adequate to pay off their debts, they start faltering in their payments. This could culminate in defaulting or forbearance on your outstanding student loans and this would adversely impact your credit score. This can be avoided from the beginning by looking into Parent PLUS loans taken out by parents in order to help pay for their children’s college education. Once the graduate starts earning a certain income, a Parent PLUS loan refinance option can be suitable as the loan can be transferred directly to the child with lower interest rates.

You must try your best to default on student loans as this would be having long-term repercussions and traces would be found on your personal credit profile for a long time and may hamper future personal loan prospects. In the event you have defaulted already, you need to take proactive steps at once. You may contact your lender and check out your repayment plans. In case you are currently unemployed or having problems making the necessary payments, then also, you need to talk to your creditor.

Mistake: Sit Tight with Overpowering Credit Card Debt

You must have used your credit cards to keep buying expensive things that you cannot afford otherwise. All these debts get accumulated over a period of time and become overwhelming because of the high-interest rate. It is crucial for you to pay back these debts at the earliest as it would keep growing and continue to adversely impact your debt-to-income ratio and credit score. Examine your finances and determine how much you could afford to actually pay back every month?  You must take one small step at a time and make the repay process easy and acceptable. Try your best to quickly pay down the debts. Avoid temptations and do not make fresh new purchases to increase your debts again.

How Debt Consolidation Can Fix My Financial Mistakes #moeny #debt #moneymanagement #finances #business #wealth #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Debt Consolidation Is the Right Policy

Debt consolidation is supposed to be a plan. It helps in simplifying bill payments. It provides you with a reasonable objective or target every month and ultimately helps you gain financial freedom at last. You need to do some thorough research and effective comparison and only then you may choose debt consolidation as a way to get out of stifling debts. Before opting for debt consolidation, you must learn what financial mistakes you have been making as a young guy and how they have impacted your current distressful financial status.  You must scrutinize all the financial mistakes made by you and identify the root cause of your ever-mounting debts. Once you know your mistakes then you must step forward to get rid of them using a debt consolidation loan.

Debt consolidation could prove to be a wonderful tool if you are able to curb your spending and expenses and you are maintaining a clearly written budget. You must work very hard to attain freedom from these overpowering debts. You could fall in deeper debt trouble if you are not being careful. Browse for perfect debt solutions.

According to, “With a debt consolidation loan, you typically use the proceeds of the loan to pay off all of your other creditors. By consolidating your debt into a single loan, you will get three benefits. Lower interest rate:  Lowering your interest rate can take years off debt repayment and help you save a significant amount of money.” You must make sure that the APR on the fresh new loan is actually lower as compared to the APR on the already existing debt.

A Much Easier Way of Paying: When you are handling multiple credit card debts, you may find it really difficult to manage them all. However, thanks to debt consolidation, you simply need to make a single payment once every month which is truly convenient and easy.

A Relatively Higher Credit Score: In case you already have maxed out all your credit cards, the utilization ratio would be really high. Remember that ratio could be having a hugely negative effect on your credit score.


If you are prepared to change your financial life, you must consider debt consolidation as it would help in eliminating your debts. However, before opting for debt consolidation, you must determine the real reason why you have come to this stage in life. You must identify the root cause of your current debt woes. Remember debt consolidation loan could prove to be an excellent tool if you could have a solid grip on your expenses and spending.

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