Hollywood Spotlight: Adam Kaufman

Hollywood Spotlight: Adam Kaufman
Hollywood Spotlight: Adam Kaufman

Our Hollywood Spotlight shines light on the hunk that is starring in the upcoming NBC drama “State of Affairs.” Meet the handsome and down to earth, Adam Kaufman. Kaufman keeps it real with us as we chatted to learn more about him as an artist, as a person, and to find out all the juicy details about his new role as CIA Director, Lucas Newsome on his new hit show premiering on November 17th 2014 on NBC. (Image credit Ashley Barrett)

Adam tells us he was an avid baseball player who relied on sportsmanship to receive his college scholarship. He had to take some extra classes and opted for THEATRE 101. It was in this class that his life changed, and Adam realized his passion for acting and decided that he wanted to pursue it as a career. Sometimes life has a plan of its own for you, because when you least expect it, all your plans can change and you’ll find yourself in an entirely new direction; a direction of change, of opportunity, and passion.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your process as an actor?

Adam Kaufman: It really depends on the role. I studied for over 5 years, so I have learned various processes that I can apply when needed. I once had a teacher that told us that we’re playing “Make Believe.” I always remember this and just live in the moment of each scene, and let my natural life experiences rise bringing very real emotions to each scene.

Hollywood Spotlight: Adam Kaufman

Beverly Hills Magazine: What makes you unique?

Adam Kaufman: Growing up I was surrounded by women because I had 2 sisters as the only boy, which has given me great “feminine understanding.” I have an adopted sister from Vietnam, so I grew up with a unique perspective on life and cultures. This has allowed me to tap into certain sensitivities that really give me an edge as an actor.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your opinion of Hollywood?

Adam Kaufman: Hollywood is the best and the worst all at the same time. Auditioning can be the worst and most daunting experience, especially since you can audience every single day for years and 90% of the time you’re told “No.”  The best part of course, is when you get the part! Working really is the best part, especially when you really want the part. So it makes all the rejections worth it.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What are some of trends taking place in Hollywood today?

Adam Kaufman: With the prevalence of so many more platforms, like Netflix, YouTube etc there are many more opportunities for actors to find work, but because of this it’s also become more competitive. There is way more diversity of actors for producers to select from; producers have an international pool of talent available today.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your dream role(s)?

Adam Kaufman: I would love to play an Indiana Jones type character or a lead Superhero, like Spiderman. I would really enjoy a role with lots of stunts and action scenes with crazy adventures. Something like that would be awesome to play.

State of Affairs star Adam Kaufman

Beverly Hills Magazine: Tell us about your role on the new hit show, State of Affairs, on NBC.

Adam Kaufman: I play Lucas Newsome, the CIA Director who briefs, Katherine Hiegl’s character in the show. Most episodes are filled with some exciting crisis or drama that requires immediate attention. Plus there are even some steamy romance and love triangles you can really get into. So tune in! I really enjoy this character. To prepare for the role, I have to do a lot of research about CIA operatives and the details of their real life experiences, so I can bring this truth to my character in the show. It’s intense and the scripts are amazing, so is the directing. It’s just a great show from script to screen.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What do you believe are the most vital factors that make a show successful?

Adam Kaufman: The story has to be powerful and compelling. I think people tune in to follow the characters and the journey they are on, whether it’s a personal love triangle or some suspenseful life drama they’re dealing with. If a story is great, people can get hooked on it, and they can’t get enough of it. People also have a natural tendency to want to root for someone. I also think period pieces are fascinating for audiences. It allows them to transport to another time and place, and I think that’s what true entertainment should do. It should allow you to temporarily escape your own reality for awhile.

Adam Kaufman

Beverly Hills Magazine: Have you discovered a personal purpose in what you do?

Adam Kaufman: I’ve always thought to myself, “I’d rather be the painter, than the paint.” As an actor I get to be the painter of a story through my words and actions, and that’s a powerful medium of personal expression. For me, I discovered this outlet which really allowed me to come out of my shell as a person. I used to hate public speaking, but through acting I have learned to enjoy performing. I hope others who watch me act are moved by my performances because then I’m doing my job as an actor; to effectively convey the human experience in a very real way. My purpose is to use my personal self expression to impact others on a deep emotional level, and I can only do this through acting. I love it!

Beverly Hills Magazine: What’s your favorite thing about being an actor?

Adam Kaufman: There are some scenes where all the stars have aligned and I just get lost in the scene, as if the character and I have blended and become a real person. It’s these magical moments that I live for as an actor. I can’t really describe the experience but they are powerful scenes that take on a life of their own, and that is by far the best part of acting, the magical moments.

There you have it, straight from the star himself, Adam Kaufman, who would have been a pro baseball player had life not catapulted him on a new course to becoming an actor. With the premiere of his new show, State of Affairs, around the corner, it seems the stars have aligned yet again for this charming young man, who we won’t be surprised becomes one of Hollywood’s leading men. With boyish good looks, an honest and easy going personality, and an uncompromised dedication to his art, he certainly has all the makings of a true Hollywood star.

Become a fan of Adam on Twitter today @RealAdamKaufman! Tune in to NBC on November 17th, 2014 to watch the premiere of State of Affairs.

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