Hollywood Day Style

Hollywood Day Style

Hollywood has been an inspiration for style for women around the world, and not without a reason. Be it airport looks, gym outfits, evening looks, or everyday casual outfits, Hollywood queens have set the benchmark of fashion so high. And today, we at Beverly Hills, are going to recommend you a classy Hollywood Day Style that will give wings to your Hollywood aspirations.

Sheer Peach Top

Let’s first have a look at this stylish sheer peach top. This top will be an awesome addition to your wardrobe. Not only is this stop versatile, but also a Hollywood classic. Sheer fabrics are trending more than ever before, so you surely won’t regret buying this item. The best thing about this top, however, is, that you can wear this on day outings, evening dates, or night-outs! The versatility of it is unmatched.

Peach and White Striped Pants

Then add these vintage, yet super classy Peach and White Striped Pants, which are a perfect match for the sheer top. These are fitted, well-coordinated with the whole look, comfy, and stylish. With these pants, you will make this whole look an extra notch stylish. The combination of peach and white never quite went out of fashion, and this look is only proof of that.

Peach Wallet

To pair an accessory with this outfit, go for this stunning peach wallet. The peach wallet is a perfect addition to this outfit because of its colour and edgy style. It is edgy, handy, simple yet stylish. Go for this wallet to add to the whole peach theme, you simply can’t go wrong!

Embellished Peach Flats

When it comes to shoes, nothing can be better than these embellished peach flats to pair with this look. It is a great statement addition to this whole look. As these are flats, they add to the casual element in the outfit. Not to mention the extravagant embellishments that make these flats extra stylish.

So before you get bewildered by all the Pinterest recommendations of Hollywood styles, go for this outfit and sport this look the next time you want to make an impression, you simply cannot go wrong. With peach colour, everything becomes vibrant and joyful. This outfit will make you feel like a Hollywood diva and boost your confidence to quite some degree.



Gargi Yadav
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