Hints for Staying Healthy and Fit Well Beyond Your 60’s 

Hints for Staying Healthy and Fit Well Beyond Your 60's  #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #limitalcoholintake #stayinghealthyandfit #mentalhealth
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It’s important to take care of your body at any age, but if you want to stay fit in your senior years, consider starting early. If you build healthy habits in your 20s and 30s, it’ll be easier to prevent chronic illness later in life. With that said, it’s never too late to get healthy.

A Senior’s Guide on How to Stay Healthy All Year

When approaching the topic of health and fitness in your 60s, take a holistic approach. Don’t just focus on the physical, as your emotional and mental health also play a role in your longevity. 

Stay Physically Active

Most adults only need 20-30 minutes of exercise a day or 150 minutes a week to stay healthy. Low-impact exercises, like walking, biking, and swimming, are perfect for anyone at any age, but don’t forget to weight train! Start stretching to keep your joints and ligaments limber.

Take Supplements 

Supplements can help support a healthy immune system, which is essential as we age. That’s because people aged 65 and older are more likely to experience near-fatal symptoms from the common cold. Speak to your doctor about the types of supplements you need for your diet.

Buy Health Insurance 

Paying into Medicaid is a good way to ensure your medical expenses are covered when you’re older, but that isn’t the only option available. For example, this comparison article shows the benefits of having Medicare advantage or Medigap insurance. Either way, try to stay insured.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Our diets are another thing that catches up to us when we’re older, but many common diseases, like type 2 diabetes and heart disease, are reversible if you change your habits. Be sure to up your intake of fruits and vegetables, avoid sugar and cholesterol, and limit your alcohol intake. 

Try to Manage Stress

Stress can do a number on your body. While the rest of the advice on this list can reduce how stress impacts your body, it can’t eliminate it. You’ll need to set reasonable expectations of yourself, take the time to relax, and indulge in your hobbies if you want to eliminate stress.

Wash Your Hands 

A surprising amount of people don’t wash their hands before handling food or after going to the bathroom, but this habit can make you very sick. If you touch a surface outside your home, don’t touch your nose, face, or mouth until you’ve adequately washed your hands with soapy water.

Get Vaccinated 

Our body produces fewer antibodies that can prevent or fight infection, which is why it’s vital to stay up-to-date with your vaccinations. Getting a COVID vaccine only scratches the surface, as a yearly flu shot and pneumococcal shot can do a lot to protect you from the flu and meningitis. 

Wear a Face Mask

In Asia, it’s common for people to wear a face mask when they’re sick because it prevents a flu outbreak. Although this practice isn’t adopted in North America, it’s still not a bad idea to mask up when you’re sick. You should also avoid people who are sick or could be sick, if possible.

Schedule a Physical

Schedule a yearly or bi-yearly checkup and keep you healthy, but don’t wait a full year if you think something is wrong with your health. Diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and high blood pressure can go undetected for years and lead to long-term complications if they aren’t treated.

Get Some Sleep

Seniors still need 7-8 hours of sleep per night to repair their bodies and keep their immune systems strong. Sleep can also help improve memory and concentration. If you’re having issues sleeping, speak to your doctor. You may have insomnia, sleep apnea, or restless leg syndrome.

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