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Eco-friendly, sleek, wireless Bluetooth 3.0 speaker delivers the utmost in sound

 When perusing the market for your next Bluetooth high end technology accessory be sure to pick up  CUBEDGE’s new EDGE.sound Bluetooth Speakers.

 Though it is a small speaker which is perfect for travel and more intimate social gatherings, this item is sure to impress. With sleek and elegant good looks, it also packs a punch both in quality tonality and firm bass sound too! CUBE Edge utilizes cutting edge high end technology to make sure it’s products are innovative and consumer satisfactory. Just like most high end technology items available on the market, CUBE Edge allows users to install updates to improve performance and functionality during ownership.

 We like the sound of that!

Product Features:

  • Portable  speaker is as light as a book and provides 10 hours of battery life,  delivering an optimal on-the-go music source
  • Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities allows for a noticeably faster connection and supports a versatile  array of devices such as iPhone, iPod, Android, smartphones and tablets
  • Features  a microphone that provides easy, portable compatibility with Skype, FaceTime and other chatting tools
  • Crafted  with high-quality materials for an eye catching design to match any decor
  • Also  made with eco-friendly parts including non-brominated flame retardants and  a highly recyclable aluminum enclosure to reduce environmental impact

Available at: cubedge.com
Website: www.cubedge.com

Jacqueline Maddison
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