Guide To Vacation Like Celebrities

Guide To Vacation Like Celebrities
Guide To Vacation Like Celebrities

When you look through all the celebrity mags, it often leaves you wondering how they pull it off when you see their beautiful holiday photos. After all, they seem to be on a permanent vacation! And they go to the most spectacular places on the planet. Just last week Kourtney Kardashian was photographed her family in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. And it looked like a fantastic place to visit! Therefore, if you want to vacation like the celebrities do, here are some unmissable tips you need to follow to make your dream vacation come true.

Find a luxury resort

One thing celebrities look for from their holiday is luxury. After all, they want a beautiful resort which will enable them to relax for a couple of weeks! Therefore, if you want to vacate like a celeb, you should look for a luxury resort for your next holiday. You want one which has plenty of amenities to ensure you have a fabulous break. And you want one which has great staff who will ensure you have a fantastic break. You can look online to find some of the best luxury resorts for your holiday. And you can check out our previous blog for some ideas of resorts you could go to! For example, the Luxury Landings Resort in St Lucia might be perfect for a luxurious break.

Don’t go for anything less than five-star

Although that three-star hotel might be in your budget, it might not have the best service and food in the world. In fact, you are likely to end up disappointed if you head to a three-star jaunt. To ensure you have a fabulous holiday, you should go five star for your next break. That way, you can expect top notch service and excellent food. With five-star, you might even get a private pool with your room! That means you can enjoy plenty of swimming while you are on your break. And so that you can make the most of your pool, you could even get some period delay tablets. That way, you can enjoy your private pool for the duration of your holiday! You can read up online to find the best five-star hotels which will be perfect for your next break.

Guide To Vacation Like Celebrities

Rent a star’s villa

A lot of celebrities are lucky enough to have their own villa. That means they can head to luxurious destinations as much as they want during the year. And although you can’t afford to buy your own villa, you can get a taste of how celebs live by renting one of their villas! You might be surprised to know that celebrities like Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton allow people to rent their holiday homes. Mick Jagger has a Japanese-themed villa on the private Caribbean island of Mustique. With a butler, an outdoor pool, and a hot tub, you can stay for a week for $16,500 a week! You can see a full list of celebrity homes you can rent in this article.

Go on a private jet to your destination

It’s rare to see celebrities riding in economy class on a flight. Although Princess Catherine was spotted on a commercial flight last month! And her other half was also spotted on an economy class flight from Memphis to Dallas! However, you will typically find them in the first class section. Or more regularly, they fly on a private jet to their destination. Although you might not be able to afford to buy a private jet, you might be able to fly on one for your next break. After all, some luxury holiday companies do a deal including a great hotel and a private jet to your destination. Therefore, you will get to experience how celebrities travel in style for their vacations!

 Guide To Vacation Like Celebrities

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Dine in style at regular celebrity jaunts

While you are on holiday, you love to experience the best cuisine the country has to offer. But sometimes the restaurants you visit are not up to scratch. Therefore, to ensure you have a holiday like a celeb, you should head to one of their favorite restaurants. For example, if you head to celebrity hotspot Los Angeles, you should go to Mexican restaurant Casa Vega. The Mexican grub is hugely popular with stars like Mila Kunis. And if you are in New York City, you should head to The Spotted Pig. As it says here, regulars include power couple Jay Z and Beyonce who love its Italian grub. Wherever you are going, check out reviews online to ensure the food is up to scratch!

And remember to organize some transport while you are on your trip. You could even hire a limo to transport your family from the airport to the hotel in true Hollywood style!

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