Guide To Selecting Business Services in Denver

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Denver is a growing area that has a healthy economic population that many businesses rely on. If you have a Denver based business, you know that having good communication with your clients is very important. If you are a well-established business that needs to update its communications services, or if you are a new business just getting into the game, here is a quick guide to help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to communication services.

Phone System

If your business is using a traditional phone system with a central phone system unit, it’s time to get with the technology that today can offer. Old phone systems are incredibly expensive as you have to buy handset units for every desk, not to mention the mega-expensive central phone system unit that runs the whole thing. On top of all that, you have to pay for separate phone lines and numbers with the phone company, which are not cheap and that usually lock you into ridiculous contracts.

With the power of the internet, these old phone systems can be retired into the sunset as VOIP based phone systems are definitely the future. VOIP based phone systems utilize the power of the internet to give you as many phone numbers that you want in area code 720 without having to pay the same ridiculous fees of a traditional landline. Also, the internet app will run your entire phone system, which means there is nothing physical you have to install in your office, and the app will upgrade automatically over time as the developers update things, meanings you won’t have to buy a new central unit every few years to give you new features as the features will automatically be enabled as they come out!

With a VOIP system, you can also save a ton of money on the actual phone handsets, as they aren’t even needed. If your employee has a smartphone, which you are probably paying for anyway, they have everything they need to be connected to the VOIP phone system with the simple install of the VOIP app of the service you choose. This allows them to take and make calls directly from their smartphone, which they always have on them. This improves communication with clients and reduces the chances of missed calls due to someone not being at their desk. Depending on the VOIP plan you need, there is a myriad of features available to large or small businesses alike that can greatly increase your communication and save you time and money in the long run.


Every business these days has an internet connection, but having a good internet ISP is incredibly important, especially if you move over to a VOIP system as listed above. Since your phone communications will rely on internet bandwidth, making sure you have a good connection with a good download and upload speed can make the difference between a good or bad sounding phone call. VOIP systems are awesome at using the least amount of bandwidth possible, but upping your internet speed is cheap compared to the cost of running a traditional phone system, so make sure to increase the speed of your internet as much as you can in order to keep things running smoothly.

As you can see the internet really does make the services a business can utilize even easier, as the need for physical devices is greatly reduced since we live in a world of app-based services. Do your Denver based business a favor by taking advantage of technology to give you better features for less money.

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