Group Luxury Retreats Near Los Angeles

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For people all over the world, Los Angeles is where you head to for the sun, sand and some picturesque summertime memories. But, if you are someone who lives in Los Angeles, places like Malibu and Santa Monica, gloriously ethereal as they are, might just feel like regular old places. After all, when you grow up and live somewhere, even the most charming of lands seem to lose their quirk.

So, when work has been keeping you up all nights and some weekends, it might just be time to pack your bags and head somewhere to unwind. Merely a drive away from your own neighborhood are located places that breathe elegance and style. So, if you have been planning to gather your good old mates and head to the lap of luxury for the next long weekend, it just might be time to charter bus in Los Angeles and get ready to drink some mimosas and make a ton of unforgettable memories.

But just in case this is your first time planning a tour like this and you have no idea about how to go to design your itinerary, here’s where you can start:

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First, the transportation

Choosing the right transportation might not seem like much but you will soon realise how big a deal this is, especially if you are travelling in a group. The bigger the group, the more variable the needs and wants. So, the transportation you choose should not only provide ample leg space and comfort to everyone but also should take care of everyone’s needs and wants. One of the best ways to keep track of everything while not having to worry about the routes and maps is to rent a bus with a GPS device. This way everyone stays together and has fun on the way.

The Destinations

The best tour planner is the one who not only keeps everyone’s needs in mind but also knows to choose a destination that will take everyone’s breath away. Thankfully, luxuriously elegant destinations are in ample supply all over California so you can easily take your pick. And in case you are having trouble choosing, here is a list of places that are known for their endless pampering:

Terranea Resort

Located just about 20 miles away from the heart of Los Angeles, the Terranea resort is where you can head to for a weekend of unabashed unwinding. The front of the resort blends seamlessly into the turquoise ocean of the Palos Peninsula. So, you can either enjoy deep sensuous massages at the spa or relax on the golden sands, the wind in your hair and the flavours of the fruitiest wines dancing on your lips. For the brave of heart and ones craving adventure, there is the option to enjoy various water sports. End the day by watching the sun set beyond the shimmering waters and then delving gluttonously into the gastronomic delights offer at the restaurant.

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Auberge Du Soleil

Nestled in the quiet embrace of the Napa Valley, there is a reason why this 33-acre property has remained at the very top of every list of the best luxury resorts of the world. While the cherry on top is definitely the platters of gluttonous goodies offered by chef Robert Curry and his ten-time Michelin star winning culinary heaven, the rest of the cake falls no short of delights. From quiet fitness classes and shimmering pools to a luxurious spa experience and suites that recall the beauty of the Mediterranean, this resort has it all and then some. So, just in case you have the option to visit, this is an experience you should probably not miss out on.

Ojai Valley Inn

Sprawling across a shimmering 220 acres of rolling vales, the Ojai valley inn is the epitome of elegance and quiet luxury. This resort is classy in its grandiose, with emerald golf courses where you can while a quiet afternoon and a glorious thirty-one thousand square foot spa that can kiss away all the worry from your bones. The food here, of course, it to die for, with platter after platter of flavourful delicacies that will make your tongue thank you. Ojai is where the Hollywood royalties rest after long weeks of work so this might be the perfect opportunity to not only pamper yourself, but feel famous while at it.

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