Grey Summer Style

Grey Summer Style

Who said pastels and sombre colours are not for summer? If you think dull colours such as grey make things boring, we are here to change your mind once and for all! With this stunning grey summer style, you can beat the heat and do that fashionably! Not only does it look gentle in the scorching heat, but the perfect coordination of each item in this outfit will make you stand out from the crowd.

Gray Collar Shirt

This shirt is a perfect example of ‘comfort with style. Dewy soft makeup is perfect to go with its stunning grey hue. It’s flowy, breathable, light, and super comfy. The magnificent collar design accentuates the whole look of this shirt. And to make it even more stylish, the semi-fluffy long sleeves add a perfect bit of elegance to this shirt. Overall, the shirt makes for a classic piece!

Stunning White Pants

You couldn’t possibly think of a better clothing piece to pair with the grey shirt. When paired together, the white pants and the grey shirt make you feel as if they are ‘made for each other’. No kidding! The slim fit appearance of the pants not only highlights the easy-breezy shirt but also coordinates the colours so well. The material of the pants is oh-so-comfy which is a definite plus point.

Gorgeous Grey Handbag

To make this grey summer style even more stylish, go for this gorgeous handbag. The colour perfectly complements the shirt while making for a subtle addition to the outfit. It’s very simple yet eye-catchy because of its awesome design. There couldn’t have been a better add-on item as this handbag gives a classic edge to the outfit. It’s small, compact, and definitely stylish!

Grey Embellished Flats

Now comes the statement piece of this outfit; The stunning grey pearl flats with embellishments. These flats do their bit to add that bit of glam to the outfit. The design of these flats is no less than extraordinary. When paired with this grey summer style, it only makes it a little more dreamy. What’s more amazing is its silver hue. The sandals make for classic shoe wear to pair with this whole look. And if it’s not visible from the picture itself, these flats are super comfortable!

Silver Jeweled Bracelet

Bracelets make for a perfect piece of accessories and this one is great proof of that. To accentuate the glam side, even more, wear this marvellous piece of jewellery with the outfit to catch some attention. Its sleek design makes this outfit edgy and feminine.



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