Great Ways To Combat Body Fat

Great Ways To Combat Body Fat
Great Ways To Combat Body Fat

Achieving a healthy body mass index is the aim for many people who want to change their health and their attractiveness. Body fat has a bad reputation in society, with a vibe of laziness and lack of self-control of an individual permeating the minds of surrounding people. Especially for women, body image is an extremely concerning subject. The body is an anomaly, no matter how toned and slim you might be, that last inch of your waistline stubbornly refuses to fade away. Consequently, it’s evident that losing body fat isn’t as simple as you may think. If you better understand your enemy, you’re better equipped to fight it. First, you must understand what the different types of fat are, and what to do to melt those last few pockets of resistance.

Yellow but mellow

Yellow fat is found directly under the skin and is also known as subcutaneous fat. It’s the layer of fat that is usually measured by health practitioners to assess your body fat percentage as the skin-fold calipers store it. In your overall body shape, yellow fat is mainly in your thighs, buttocks and if you’re obese, found under your abdominal skin. It doesn’t cause as many problems as visceral fat does which sits at deeper levels. The body will put this fat at areas on your body which need protection, such as the femoral artery in your thigh, your bottom as the pelvic structure needs a cushion as you put all your weight on it in a sitting position. Yellow fat is easy to burn and often used as the first energy source of energy.

Great Ways To Combat Body Fat

White fat, the bane of all

White fat is the stored energy which the body has the most abundance and sits at deeper layers. The primary responsibility of white fat is to store energy converted from the consumption of food and to produce and secrete hormones into the bloodstream. White fat is the reason for the Buddha’s belly, as even with a toned stomach and most of the yellow fat melted away, the stubborn white fat cells are the body’s primary source of energy, causing it to become reluctant to relinquish them. Diets that limit the build up of white fat cells and give them body the enzymes to dissolve them are popularly reviewed in the health market; read the full review here:

Intermittent fasting

Coupled with your workout routine, intermittent fasting is a dietary technique that forces the body to rely on your backlogged fat storage as the main source of energy. The concept is to intake 500 calories less in your daily food consumption. The period in which you eat is limited, and controlled starvation is implemented to shock your digestive system. Your window to eat is 6 hours, and the other 18 hours are the fasting time period. Training on an empty stomach and only consuming stimulants like creatine or coffee accelerate your digestion while at the same time raising your alertness and motivation. Bodybuilders use this to trim down the very obscure fat regions such as the thighs, abs and hip area.




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