Great Bucket List Travel Destinations

Great Bucket List Travel Destinations
Great Bucket List Travel Destinations

Travel can be a great way to enrich your mind, experience life, and broaden your perspective. It can also be an incredible form of relaxation if you plan it right. You might be tempted to head out to the same beach villa you’ve been to for the past few years, or fly across the country to stay with family. But this year, why not try something different?

The world has blessed us with a wealth of different cultures, not only here in our own country, but around this exciting world too. So why not get out there and see them, experience them, and enjoy them? Travel is one of the only things we spend money on that makes us richer, but if you only travel to the same old places, won’t that start to feel stale? To shake up your vacation expectations this year, focus on one of these cultural hot spots.


The United Arab Emirates is starting to become a must-see country. Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, this country might come from traditional foundations, but it’s throwing itself into the 21st century at quite some speed. Dubai is just one of the cities that reflects that. With opulent buildings, incredible views, great beaches and to die for food, it offers you a wealth of different experiences, both new and old.


As one of the most beautiful, historic and peaceful cities that our blessed country has, Charleston is somewhere worth staying home for. You might not want to head to the beach again this year or see your family, but you don’t have to go overseas to experience amazing culture. By heading to Charleston, you can experience some of our own. From the picturesque French Quarter to Waterfront Park, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to filling your dreamy days with all kinds of fun.

Mexico City

If you’d like to travel internationally, but not too far afield, then you have to visit Mexico – and with so many cheap flights to Mexico City, this hub is the perfect place to head. Combining the best of both cultures, old and new, this nation’s capital gives you mountainous views and authentic Spanish influence. Plus, if you’re a real fan of food, in Mexico City, you never ate so well!

Hong Kong

For a complete change of scenery, why not go East? And for the most exciting and cosmopolitan culture, the East has to offer; you’ve got to see Hong Kong. The weather might be warm, but the sights, experiences, and cuisine make it all worth it. Whether you head out to Lantau Island or visit Disneyland, there’s something in Hong Kong to suit every style.


And for a European adventure that will hit you right in the heart (and stomach), you’ve got to go to Rome. It can get quite hot in the height of the summer, but the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain are so much better when seen in summer. Plus, with fresh pizza and a hearty plate of pasta found on every street corner, how could you not have an incredible time?



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