Golden Makeup Collection

Golden Makeup Collection
Golden Makeup Collection

Warm tones are in. We’re in the middle of winter and nothing can bring the look of warmth to your face quite like a brown eyeshadow. As a matter of fact, gold is always in. The sun-kissed shimmer is the ultimate representation of luxury and wealth. We think it’s time to fill your royal shoes by getting this  Golden Makeup Collection for yourself. Shimmer like a royal princess and have the stunning packaging to prove that you really are one

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder

The product that brings together every look is the subtle shimmer of a highlighter. This powder is formulated with a clear base and pearlescent pigments, giving your skin a pinkish-opal glow. Warm up your skin this winter and look positively radiant whenever the sunlight hits your face.

Bobbie Brown Highlighting Powder. BUY NOW!!!
Bobbie Brown Highlighting Powder. BUY NOW!!!

Tarte Toasted Eyeshadow Palette:

After all, at the heart of every makeup look is a stunning eyeshadow. This palette comes with twelve pans of warm and cozy shades that are set into luxurious golden packaging. As a result, it is the perfect palette for winter and the perfect eyeshadow to make you feel more than beautiful.

That beings aid, the creamy formula glides on smoothly and provides high pigment, intense color pay off, no streaks, and long wear. The palette is gluten-free, cruelty-free, mineral oil-free and paraben-free. To summarize, this palette is a must-have for the dry and cold winter months.

Tarte Eyeshadow Palette. BUY NOW!!!
Tarte Eyeshadow Palette. BUY NOW!!!

Kevyn Aucoin Expert Mascara

Uniquely, this product has packaging that will make you feel like royalty. Intensely gold, sleek and luxurious looking, it is an amazing addition to anyone’s makeup collection. Plus the color Merlot is a unique twist to make your eyes stand out. This mascara has a waterproof, volumizing and curling formula. As well as having a great formula to make dramatic and intense lashes, it also provides a thick and tapered wand, making it easy to get to those tricky corner lashes. Let yourself feel luxurious and pick up this product as soon as possible.

Kevyn Aucoin Expert Mascara. BUY NOW!!!
Kevyn Aucoin Expert Mascara. BUY NOW!!!

Two Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Longwear Lipstick

Additionally, this “Peach Kiss” is a warm nude shade from the above-mentioned Two Faced lipstick collection and is an absolute must-have. The packaging is radiant and the formula is creamy. This lipstick is non-drying and smells amazing, carrying a peachy scent. Due to how intensely pigmented this product is, one-swipe will deliver all the product you need and wear for eight hours.

Furthermore, not a fan of nude? Or do you simply want something bolder? This lipstick line comes in twenty shades, nude to dark purple. Whatever your needs, this velvety lipstick will make you feel extravagant with its unique and beautiful packaging.

"Peach Kiss" Lipstick by Too Faced. BUY NOW!!!
“Peach Kiss” Lipstick by Too Faced. BUY NOW!!!


Lancôme  ‘In Love’ Nail Polish

As a matter of fact, there is no color that matches any outfit more than gold does. However, this glitter nail polish goes beyond just being gold and sparkly. It is inspired being in love, which makes this not only a nail polish but also a statement piece. Flecked with gold glitter, the quick-drying, long-wearing ‘Illuminations’ looks great alone or layered over another shade. It goes hand in hand with golden and warm makeup. As a result, wearing this polish will make you feel like a glorious royal since now you’ll look like one too.

Lancôme 'In Love' Nail Polish. BUY NOW!!!
Lancôme ‘In Love’ Nail Polish. BUY NOW!!!

Finally, you’ll want a gold makeup so you can carry all of your makeup essentials. You can even use it as a handbag to take anywhere. Your personal golden makeup bag will be the icing on the cake for the ultimate winter look. Get one you adore and feel like the superstar that you are!

Gold Makeup Bag. BUY NOW!!! #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #beauty #makeup #style #shop #bevhillsmag
Gold Makeup Bag. BUY NOW!!!

In conclusion, gold is in for this season and nothing will help you find what you need more than the Golden Makeup Collection.

Written by Lexie Sheridon


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