Gold Chain Designs: The Everyday Unisex Accessory

Gold Chain Designs - The Everyday Unisex Accessory
Gold Chain Designs - The Everyday Unisex Accessory #jewelry #gold #necklace #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Gold chains are one of the unisex jewelry that men and women wear even today. They are the best option if you’re looking to wear something light that goes around your neck without bothering you in your everyday chores.

When it comes to daily wear, gold triumphs again and again. The non-reactive nature combined with the security anchor, gold will always be a favorite metal.

Gold chains can be broadly classified under handmade chains and machine-made chain. Handmade chains are usually occasional or festive wear. They are more intricate and handcrafted. They are bulkier and not usually worn on a daily basis. However, if you wish, you can go ahead with a handmade chain as daily wear. If you plan to gift an elaborate gold chain to someone, consider gifting them a handmade one.

Machine made gold chains designs are the lightweight ones. There are minimally designed gold chains  which are the best ones for daily wear. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to wear on a daily basis and can fit into your pocket without much issue.

Gold chain designs come in a variety of option for both men and women. Most women prefer to wear a thin chain with a pendant, whereas men wear a thick chain just as it is. It would be right to say that men’s chains are bulkier than women’s. Some men prefer wearing a bunch of thin chains as neckwear or a thick chain instead. Men who occasionally wear jewellery might keep the thick chain for special occasions whereas jewellery lover wouldn’t mind slipping on these on a daily basis. The folks at have a wide variety of different gold chains to choose from because men prefer so many different types of chains.

Besides the gold chain, you can also go for platinum chains. Platinum is an exclusive metal and is often considered perfect for gifting your loved ones since they are considered as rare. Platinum, being a rare metal is often considered as an option for engagement or wedding rings.

Gold chains are quite the fancy chains in the world of jewelry to make you look classy without putting too much effort into your style. For days when you need to look a notch stylish, consider adding a chain to your look and you are good to go!

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