Gallant & Beau “Dandy” Man Sock Style


Gallant & Beau is an international men’s sock fashion brand that makes socks for men in color and full of style for the modern day man that caters to the flamboyant “Dandy” that started in Britain in the 19th century.

These one of a kind sock styles offer a unique twist on the modern man’s sense of style by adding color and decadence to an otherwise simple look. Gallant & Beau is made for the man that believes in color, that knows his confidence and wants more in his wardrobe that sets him apart from the rest.

In the 21st century, the word “Dandy” is a jocular, often sarcastic adjective meaning ‘fine’ or ‘great,’ when used in form of a noun, it refers to a well groomed and well-dressed man, but often to one who is just a tad bit self- absorbed. Gallant & Beau London is determined to keep the modern Dandy man alive by offering socks that cater to his unique personality and sense of fashion and individual style.

A “Dandy” is also known as a Gallant or Beau, a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies pursued with an effortless appearance of nonchalance and gentleman style.

The Modern “Dandy” Man

The available styles vary from bold stripes to over-sized polka dot design; the vibrancy and designs speak of true Dandy style. Gallant & Beau socks are made from the finest combed cotton blend, offering a comfortable, soft look and feel.

Whether you’re a happy chap or a laboring lad, you’ll be the style sensation wherever you are when wearing Gallant & Beau socks for men. Wear your favorite pair with confidence knowing that you’ve got the perfect look of a true modern day “Dandy” man style.

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