Galia Lahav Bridal Gowns FW’ 2018

Galia Lahav Bridal Gowns FW' 2018
Galia Lahav Bridal Gowns FW' 2018

Renowned couture designer, Galia Lahav unveiled their much anticipated FW ’18 Bridal Collection to industry professionals, key media, influencers and local LA tastemakers at their Los Angeles flagship location.

Galia Lahav Bridal Gowns FW' 2018

Staying true to their signature style of bringing femininity to life, each and every Galia Lahav bridal gown showcased was simply breathtaking. From the impeccable attention to detail to the lace embellishments and gorgeous embroidering, we are sure any Bride-To-Be would fall in love with Galia Lahav bridal gowns.

This season, Galia Lahav challenged themselves to imagine how a scent could take on a life of its own – from dreamy, sweet smells, to floral and herbal notes, and even more androgynous musks. Partnering a high-level of finery and craftsmanship with the sentimentality and personalization of a woman’s signature scent, Galia Lahav Couture Bridal Fall 2018 is rooted in the notion that no two women are alike, each requiring their own unique scent and style.

Galia Lahav Bridal Gowns FW' 2018

The desire to imagine the intangible of the five senses challenged Galia Lahav to delve deeper into the world of scents and perfumery, and develop a fascination with the process of selecting each bud, petal, herb and leaf to create the perfect fragrance. Envisioning the invisible leads to fantasy, and visions of a mystical night garden where rare florals bloom and the world’s finest scents come to life slowly evolved.

Watch Galia Lahav’s Fashion Showcasing Some Of Her Other Original & Incredible Designs:

A bride’s desire to express her individuality in her daily life with her scent, and through fashion on her wedding day, ushered in new approaches to gossamer tulles, fine laces and intricate embroidery, woven into the interpretation of how the world of scents would come to life in the latest collection, Florence by Night.

(Images by  Mike Colón)

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