Fun Things To Do With Family

Fun Things To Do With Family #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #family #familyactivities #familyvacation #familyleisure #fishing #camping #funfamilyactivities #treasurehunt
Fun Things To Do With Family #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #family #familyactivities #familyvacation #familyleisure #fishing #camping #funfamilyactivities #treasurehunt

Spending time with your family and those you love is one of the most rewarding activities. Although there may be the occasional bickering here and there, it is only natural, but at the end of the day, having them around you is what counts. Routine with the family can get a little tedious though, especially if you have younger children. One way to make things fun for them again is to look for activities you are all interested in and have a proper bonding experience. Read on to find five fun things you can do with family, whether on vacation or during your spare time! (Image Credits: freepik/Freepik)

Go to the Beach

There are so many activities you can do on the beach. Even if one or more members do not like swimming, there are other activities to be done there. The most obvious activity to do is swimming, of course, but building sandcastles can also be a lot of fun. Finding the right sand consistency, the right shape for the castle, and the tools you need to build it can be amusing for children and adults alike. You can also get a tan, relax, listen to music, or read a good book while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves.

Play Games

Playing games is a surefire way to get the entire family to bond! There are tons of games you can play with your family, like Charades, Pictionary, Ludo, Scrabble, Word Scrambling, Monopoly, and so much more. If you have younger kids and are looking for fun ways to get them to learn how to spell, Scrabble and Word Scrambling are a great choice. When kids unscramble words, they learn to put them back together in an enjoyable way instead of having them write and rewrite the same words over and over again. Games can be played in any place, indoors, outdoors, on a school night, or during vacation.

Go Camping

Camping is a fantastic way to get your entire family to disconnect for at least a day. The location you choose to go to for camping usually has no signal, so everyone will have to put down their phones for that time and really connect with nature. It can be difficult at first, but building the tent together will get their minds off of technology – especially if there is a bonfire with marshmallows involved! At night, stare up into the sky and create a game where you try to find asterisms or constellations, this experience will be both fun and informative.

Go Fishing

Fishing is usually a good experience for kids who are around 10 years of age and older. It becomes trickier for those who are younger for two main reasons: It can be quite dangerous if they fall into the water or if they do not know how to fish properly, and it can get a little boring for them if they are not used to sitting still for a long time. Those who are older, though, or those who are okay with long periods of silence will find fishing enjoyable and relaxing. If you are unsure whether your kids or family will like fishing or not, try to go to the nearest place for a few hours the first time and test the waters (literally and metaphorically).

Plan a Treasure Hunt

If you have younger kids that bicker a lot, a treasure hunt will surely help them work together and stop arguing. You can create a treasure hunt anywhere, even around the house and within the different rooms. Draw a map of the house and where you have hidden things around and see whether you want it to be a competition or a bonding experience. Either way, it should create a lively vibe around the house and excitement whenever you find something new. You can also do the treasure hunt around Christmas so each person can enjoyably find their gift.

With several people in the family, it can get difficult to find one thing that interests all of you at the same time. While one person may love camping, another may dislike the idea of being so disconnected. Find a way to create a middle ground or compromise; a solution is to do one activity for a while, and the time after that you can opt for another activity that suits another family member. The important thing is to gather your entire family and be able to spend time with all of them together; cherish these moments as they are truly priceless!

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