Fun Fashion Ideas for Girls

Fun Fashion Ideas for Girls

There’s no wonder we all have style icons who we look up to. Each one can look absolutely flawless no matter the situation they are in. And that’s one of the most important parts of fashion: looking good no matter the circumstances. All it takes is a little know-how to ace your look in a particular situation. Here are five common fashion and style scenarios that every girl encounters and how she can wear the perfect outfit in each one.

First Date Fashion Ideas!

A First Date

First impressions are crucial on a first date. And what gives a better first impression than a killer outfit? I’m finding it hard to think of anything! Obviously, your look will depend on the date. If you are having a chilled out daytime date, make sure you wear casual clothes. Some chic culottes and a silk blouse will work a treat. If you are being treated to dinner out, you can dress sexier. But don’t make your outfit too sexy as that can give off the wrong idea! Stick to a cute little black dress.

Lorna Jane Gym ClothesAt The Gym

Your gym clothes need to be practical so that you can workout on machines. Look for stretchy materials that will allow your skin to breathe. Thankfully, gym and sports clothes have come on a lot in the past ten years, and you can now find very trendy styles in the shops. If you want to see the current trends in gym clothes, check out the Lorna Jane brand.

Job Interviews

Ah, the dreaded job interview! If it goes well, it can be the first step in an exciting business career. The outfit you pick could help to make this exciting possibility a reality! Beforehand, try to find out how formal the company’s dress code is. If they expect their employees to turn up in suits, you should try to find a two-piece set or very smart skirt and blouse. If they have a smart-casual dress, then you can go slightly more relaxed. However, under no circumstance should you turn up in jeans!

Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are one of life’s most elegant social engagements. If the party is being held for a special occasion, try to find a very sophisticated dress. But if it is a New Year’s Eve or birthday celebration, you can wear a slightly more casual outfit. But dresses are always best, for any cocktail party. After all, the whole point of a cocktail party is getting everyone to turn up looking as classic as the cocktails!

Children’s Party

Even if you don’t have any children yourself, as you get older, you will find that you get invited to some kid’s parties. This will happen more often if you are an aunt or Godmother. Don’t go dressed too smart, as there is a good chance things could get messy! Don’t wear new clothes just in case a child spills juice on you. Jeans and a t-shirt should be perfect for this occasion.

Remember these tips and you will never put a foot wrong in fashion again!


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