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All Things Middle Eastern
All Things Middle Eastern a contemporary on-line boutique that brings together a curation of designer products and artistic creations, originating from the Modern Arab World, is now live in the USA.

Young Arab designers like Roula Khedi, Bil Arabi, FMMDubai, Rim n’Roll, Elsa O. and Kashida have all chosen to make their debut in the American Market. Showcasing contemporary, traditional, oriental and cutting-edge styles and sharing their story through their distinctive designs.

From fashion accessories and jewelry to home decor and furnishings, expands its creative reach and aspires to inspire, with unique elements, a contemporary lifestyle.

All Things Middle Eastern “Today the US market is open to creative possibilities that bring the ambiance of mystic corners of the world! ‘Incredible India’, ‘Multi-colored Africa’, ‘Oriental Arab Flair’, are already part of the young American generations vocabulary; Fashion has become a common language across the globe.” says Fouad Georges, Founder and General Manager.

Spanning from the eastern Mediterranean to the Arabian Gulf, the Arab world has an incredible history of diversity and culture. Today, the region introduces a new generation of contemporary
 and unique designers, artists and creators who appeal to a broader audience, in an era where design and creativity travel far beyond geographical boundaries.

With all products housed in the warehouse in Southern California, customers across the US can enjoy easy access to these dynamic designs and discover the stories and culture behind each unique piece.

All Things Middle Eastern

Coming from Lebanon and having spent most of his life in the Middle East founder, Fouad Goerges, became a strong advocate of its beauty, culture, art and history. He has always seen the region as the place where all cultures meet, diversity is celebrated and tradition and modernity coexist serenely.

Upon moving to the USA, Fouad’s goal became to develop a new platform to showcase Arab designers talents and to tell their story to the world, share their creations and portray some of the hidden inspiring colors of the Middle East.

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